20 One-Panel Comics Full of Absurd Jokes That Make You Laugh Out Loud


A common type of comic that often only has one graphic and one punchline is called a single-panel comic. They are frequently employed to offer a fast, witty joke or criticism on a certain topic. Most of us likely remember the old-fashioned newspaper comics that were full of puns, gags about wives and husbands, and all sorts of other things. They usually got right to the point and were brief. The Doug Hill comics will undoubtedly bring back some fond memories for you, if you can remember them.

One of the things that makes Laughing Hippo Studio Comics so special is the way that it plays with language and logic. Many of the jokes rely on clever wordplay, puns, or unexpected twists on common phrases. Others take familiar situations and turn them on their heads in surprising ways. No matter the approach, the end result is always a comic that will make you smile, chuckle, or laugh out loud. The art style of his comics is simple but effective. Each comic is presented in a single panel, with a minimalistic style.


Although he has a small audience, his comics are worth watching. The characters are charmingly cartoonish, with bold lines and expressive faces that perfectly capture the mood of each joke. These comics are designed to make you laugh by taking common situations and turning them on their heads in unexpected ways. Overall, Laughing Hippo Studio Comics is a must-read for anyone who loves clever humor and absurdist jokes. His writing is sharp, witty, and often unexpected, while his art style perfectly complements the humor. Whether you’re having a bad day and need a laugh or just enjoy clever wordplay and unexpected punchlines, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Laughing Hippo Studio Comics

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#1. Wave

#2. Monday


#3. Gender equality

#4. Endangered species

#5. Dating


#6. Painting

#7. Text running deer

#8. She fainted!


#9. Desert island

#10. Got it

#11. Kids

#12. Seriously!


#13. Insurance

#14. Kiss the cook

#15. Talk and text


#16. Senior moment

#17. Limited warranty

#18. Only one bathroom


#19. Teachers

#20. Hunting


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