About Us

Kitten Vs Puppy Is The Digital Media Website For Animals People.

At The Kitten Vs Puppy, we’re obsessed with creating fun, entertaining and emotional content that makes people fall in love with animals.

We are the animal brand in the world and the most active media company in all entertainment categories worldwide. In way that makes people laugh, we tell stories of individual animals, we weep happy tears, and feel ALL the emotions.


Animals Making Our Job Easy (and fun )


Animals are experts in tapping into wide range of human emotions especially those that blow the heart. at tapping into a wide range of human emotions — especially the heart-bursting ones. They’re always showing us the most inspiring, hopeful and happy ways to live. At Kitten Vs Puppy, we’ve built a community where people can escape from all the noise out there, and connect with the pure joy and wonder that animals embody.