Here are 25 Hilarious Single-Panel Comics Full of Twisted Jokes by Australian Cartoonist Whyatt


Single-panel comics are a type of comic art that features a single illustration plus a speech bubble or text that offers a punchline or amusing commentary. Single-panel comics can stand alone and are self-contained, in contrast to comic strips, which often include many panels and a sequential plot. They talk about anything from relationships and daily life to politics and current affairs. Single-panel comics are a popular specialty for cartoonists, who use them to connect with readers and make them laugh with their own humor and style.

I’d like to introduce you to the funny, single-panel, twisted joke-filled cartoons that are produced by Australian artist Tim Whyatt. Whyatt has been creating cartoons for a long time, and his work has appeared in many newspapers all around the world. Whyatt’s cartoons stand out for their distinct sense of humor and capacity to make mundane events hilarious. His cartoons frequently have recognizable situations with a lighthearted twist that throws readers off guard and makes them laugh out loud. On Facebook, he currently has a sizable following of 67,000 users.


The artist claims that it’s challenging to portray humor with one-panel comics. As a result, we can see that some writers make funny single-panel comics. One quality that distinguishes Whyatt’s comics from the competition is his capacity to discover humor in ordinary situations. He takes ordinary occurrences and creates absurd and amusing scenarios out of them. His protagonists are typically everyday people who run into weird and unanticipated situations. A selection of his best illustrations can be found in the next section. If you want to enjoy these comics, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Whyatt Cartoons

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#1. Desert Island

#2. Talk about your duplex


#3. Idea for a movie

#4. Furniture Removal’s

#5. Happy Egg Hunting


#6. Gold

#7. Merry Christmas!

#8. I’m over here


#9. Brownies

#10. Social distancing

#11. Tropical Rash

#12. Happy Valentines Day


#13. I have found a way in

#14. That’s cheating

#15. Indoor Climbing Centre


#16. Where do babies came from?

#17. Computer Crashed

#18. Another spin


#19. Let the dad

#20. Political correctness


#21. Marketing idea

#22. Got an ass

#23. That’s not an emoji

#24. Order here

#25. Photos of your ride

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