Artist Who Made People Cry With Her ‘Good Boy’ Comics Just Released A New One About A Dog, Says It Was Painful To Draw


311k supporters on Jenny Jinya’s Instagram account comprehend what they have followed for. Her comics are not for the cowardly, and this is on the grounds that they show the unforgiving truth of how cruel people can be to animals. Jenny’s stories have been named tragedies that stay with us for a considerable length of time to come.

This time, the German artist is back with a grievous strip about a dog born to be bred as a dogfighter. I am sorry it took me such a “long” time. It was incredibly agonizing to draw,” admitted Jenny to her adherents and we feel her.


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Jenny to discover what drove her to draw this specific strip on a dogfighter. It turns out, the craftsman was constantly disturbed by the very negative disgrace these dogs have. In any case, she realized they were the best animals since her companions had them.

Jenny knew that pit bulls are forced to fight and persevere through serious injuries. Be that as it may, the exploration she did before drawing uncovered a much darker side to it. I initially discovered that pitbull young doggies are somewhat taken from ordinary family units and prepared. These animals were seeking after a family brimming with adoration and are removed into a world of violence and loneliness

The German artist admitted that the more she read “about this blood sport, the heavier my heart turned into.” This contacting strip is a consequence of Jenny’s significant distress.

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