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My 13 alligator comics that show everyone is special

I have created comics to show that alligators can also be good friends. Sometimes they give us a terrifying impression, with their long mouth full of teeth and their powerful tail. But I think they can also be kind and loving.

Everyone is special from birth, which is nice if we think about it positively. At the same time, it can be bad if we think about it negatively. We always have that choice.

In this comic, you will see a different alligator, a kind and friendly one. I call him Buddy Gator. Maybe we all need a friend like him.

Credit: Instagram | Facebook

#1 Frozen

#2 Wish

#3 Present

#4 Romance

#5 Little trip

# 6 Calm

# 7 The swing

# 8 Surprise

# 9 Food

# 10 Rain

# 11 Stop

# 12 Cake

# 13 sweater


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