These African frogs look like pissed avocados and make hilarious noises


This frown is not sad or angry… it is the usual aspect of the black rain frog.

This species is only found in the southern foothills of the Cape Fold Belt in South Africa, more than 1,000 meters high. Since this frog likes to bury itself, it lives in areas of fynbos and forest boundaries and does not even need a body of water nearby.

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When this frog feels threatened, it swells, its body enlarges, and it behaves more aggressively.

But that does not mean that he hates the company, on the contrary. At the time of mating, the female secretes a sticky substance on her back so that the male does not fall, called adhesive amplexus. She literally won’t let her partner go.

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Image credits: thewondersofthenatrual
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Listen to the little noise it makes:

This is the desert rain frog. She lives in a small coastal area between Namibia and South Africa and spends most of the day buried in the sand dunes.

It has ridges on the rear legs that help you dig and move more easily in coastal terrain.

The small area of ​​the world where you live often has marine fog, which keeps the sand moist in an otherwise arid area. They have a transparent patch on the tummy with many ducts and blood capillaries from where they can absorb water directly from the sand.

Although it may seem adorable, it is known for its “fierce roar”. Each species of frog has a call of its own, but this one gets it from within when it defends its terrain, something that photographer Dean Boshoff discovered when she took photos in the dunes of Port Nolloth in the province of North Cape.

This is what people said about these frogs:

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