This theatrical horse simulates dying every time someone tries to ride on it


As human beings, we can achieve happiness by perfecting our nature, according to Aristotle. That means accepting and refining who we really are inside. And that sounds great to every living thing, not just people. However, this horse is very busy playing the fool and forgot to go to philosophy class.

This theatrical horse is called Jingang, and his ambitions go beyond being a mere steed. He doesn’t seem to like others to ride on him, like every good horse, and he does his best to avoid doing his job. Jingang simulates “dying” in a very dramatic way. It is stupid and fun. And it is proof that some animals prefer to wander before earning bread (or carrots in this case) as we all do: with the sweat on our foreheads.


Not all horses like to work hard …

More than 82,000 people have liked the compilation video of Frasisco Zalasar, where the horse is seen avoiding “working”, pretending to “die” in a dramatic way. This viral video has been shared 630,000 times, and these numbers indicate that people identify with the Jingang hobbies, especially on Mondays.

Jingang simulates “dying” dramatically

Most of us don’t think much about horses, which is why it’s easy to forget how amazing creatures they are.

The horse does this because he doesn’t like to be ridden

Did you know that horses can run within a few hours of birth? It is a fascinating thing. Imagine if humans could do that.

Jingang likes to play the fool

The next time you see a horse “laughing,” it is actually a technique to improve their sense of smell (called flehmen) and helps them understand if a smell is good or bad.

But he doesn’t like to work hard

Also, horses aren’t colorblind as people think, but they see purples and violets better than greens and yellows.

It really is adorable, but naughty

And if you do not know if a horse is male or female, do the opposite of what the saying says and look at its teeth: if it is 40 it is a horse, and if it is 36 it is a mare. Use this data to impress your friends!

Here you can see the full video:

It seemed to people that the horse was very clever

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