Here are 20 Dark Comics Full of Unexpected Twists and Sudden Endings by Will Henry


In the field of sequential art, dark comics with unanticipated turns and abrupt conclusions have become a favored style. These comics excel at defying readers’ expectations and escorting them on an exciting and unusual journey through the pages. These comics have attracted the interest of readers who are looking for stories that defy expectations and leave them wanting more thanks to their distinctive storytelling techniques, minimalist artwork, and frequently thought-provoking themes.

Talented illustrator Mr. Will Henry, who is well-known for his dark comics series “Wallace the Brave,” has captured audiences with his distinct storytelling technique, which is full of quick turns and abrupt conclusions. Mr. Will Henry’s comics are a gripping blend of gloom and humor that create an impression, with a taste for the macabre and a talent for surprising their viewers. His work frequently breaks accepted standards in comics, favoring unorthodox panel arrangements, spare artwork, and a unique storytelling approach that puts readers on the edge of their seats. On Instagram, he currently has a following of 67,700 users.


He frequently explores topics related to horror, mystery, and the paranormal, luring readers into a world full of tension and suspense. His comics are not for the faint of heart since they explore the darker sides of human nature and the uncharted, frequently leaving readers feeling uneasy and eager to see what happens next. He has a talent for confounding expectations and breaking the rules of traditional storytelling, which adds a sense of surprise and unpredictability that keeps readers interested. Check out some of his most recent comics. I sincerely hope everyone will find these illustrations enjoyable.

Credit: Mr Will Henry

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#1. Done something stupid for love

#2. Compliment on red hair


#3. I’m taking the bag

#4. Were they really from future?

#5. She must keep bricks in that bag


#6. Seagull wants taffy too

#7. Noooooo!

#8. Weird towns


#9. The most epic high-five of all time

#10. Universe is in trouble

#11. Chief science officer

#12. Brining in the heavy hitters


#13. Good salt water taffy

#14. The resemblance is uncanny

#15. It’s pretty chilly


#16. Sometimes I can’t find my boots either

#17. Can I sleep in your bed?

#18. Air rose


#19. Sterling vs Dad moment

#20. Practicing in front of mirror


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