25 Dogs that have become almost unrecognizable after going through the Groomers


Dogs need a lot of love, care, and care right now, especially with all the time they have to spend at home during the pandemic. The South Korean Shu & Tree Groomers make radical changes to dogs, transforming sloppy canines into happy, stylish kennels.

Here we have compiled some of the best before and after photos of dogs passing through the Shu & Tree grooming, Tell us in the comments if you have a dog and recently took him to cut his hair.


Shu & Tree are very popular on the internet. The videos on his YouTube channel have more than 249.6 million collective views, and they have more than 47,400 followers on Instagram.

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Shu & Tree’s videos have millions of views, and they make you happy at the moment. With a fun soundtrack, watching the step-by-step process of the Groomers doing magic with the dogs is strangely relaxing.

The videos are perfect if you need to rest from work or study and lose yourself in your comfort.




Many people hallucinate with the incredible transformations of the dogs and point out that they end up being almost unrecognizable.

Shu & Tree have a simple philosophy of work based on 3 things: style, comfort, and originality. Plus, they regularly post poignant pet content on their social media, so it’s not all about haircuts. And they also have material on cats, if you prefer them to dogs.

They also sell adorable dog clothes on their website.





















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