These orangutans befriended otters who often swim through their enclosure at the zoo.


The friendship between different animal species is always something adorable to see. This time it happened between a family of orangutans and a few otters at a zoo in Belgium, and it’s enchanting the whole internet.

The two met when the staff at Pairi Daiza Zoo in Brugelette led the river of otters through the orangutan compound. Since then, a precious and almost magical bond has been formed between the two species.


The adorable photos speak for themselves, so take a look and get ready to smile. And if you want more stuff like that, you can check out our list of unusual animal friendships.

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A family of orangutans has befriended a group of otters at the Pairi Daiza zoo in Belgium

Image credits: Caters News

This is dad Ujian, who is 24 years old

It has an especially strong bond with otters

Dad Ujian is 24 years old, mom Sari is 15 and her son Berani has just turned 4 years old. They form the family of orangutans at the zoo. In one of the photos, Berani is seen playing hide-and-seek with Asian otters.

Otters hide under big logs or wooden buildings, and then Berani goes out to look for them. Occasionally they look out to bug him. It’s amazing to see explained Mathieu Godefroy, a zoo spokesperson.

They invest a lot in “enriching” the enclosures of their animals. “This is not only increasing their size but improving their quality of life, something very important. One of the ways (in addition to hiding food, doing puzzles, organizing games, putting swings or logs), but also putting other species with which they can interact in the same enclosure, or at least that can be seen. ”

“Our gorillas live with colobus monkeys, penguins with seals, our kangaroos with pelicans, and squirrels with bats, giraffes with ostriches. Asian elephants with gazelles, zebras with buffalo, and I could go on. ”

The zoo is closed as Belgium is quarantined by the coronavirus. But this does not prevent us from continuing to care for our animals as best we can each day.

This is Berani, 4, who loves to play with her friends and is adorable

Berani is very curious and loves to play hide and seek

“There are 2 important factors in the welfare of an animal in captivity: the size and quality of its enclosure. This means that the animal must be entertained, and mentally, emotionally, and physically busy at all times. ”

Berani and Ujian have a special bond with their neighbors. This makes life more fun and interesting for both species, making the experiment successful. ”

People loved the photos of the animals playing together

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