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Cutest puppy in the world | Cute puppy pictures All Time

Cutest puppy in the world – For any guardian, the animal itself will be the cutest Puppy in the world. However, no pet lover doubts that there are other puppies that squander cuteness wherever they go, do you?

Regardless of breed, puppies can melt anyone’s heart.

So if you’re a puppy lover and want to see pictures of cute puppies, know you’re in the right place. That’s because the puppy Club went after the cutest breeds in the world in the puppy phase.

Cutest puppy in the world

#1 Goldendoodle

Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

Goldendoodles are often described by their playful puppy owners and who like to be among people. When raised from a young age indoors, they grow calmer and more attached to their owners, and may even go unnoticed by a visitor. If raised in an environment with more space and freedom, they grow more energetic.

#2 french bulldog


Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

The French Bulldog has been among the 10 most popular breeds in the world for the last 15 years. And this success is no accident. These adorable puppies captivate by their particular appearance, with particular emphasis on their ears and flattened muzzle.

But his temperament is even more charming than his appearance. The Bulldogs French are very playful, patient and sociable, ie a pet ideal for families with children.

#3 Shih Tzu

If you are looking for a puppy that loves lap, be cheerful and affectionate, when you get a Shih Tzus you will see all these points and a little more. This is because, this breed is known for being extremely docile, besides having a good relationship with other animals.

Very suitable for growing children, the reasons are given by their small size and charisma, responsible for winning any child.

Also remember that these dogs have a very hot bark, which is the problem for their ears and neighbors. It is therefore important to educate you early on as well as perform activities that lower your stress level.

So you know, right? Do not skimp on the games and go researching some types of puppy toys Another detail is that, because they are very needy, the Shih Tzus do not like to be alone. So if the only residents of your house are you and him, don’t skimp on attention after a long day at work.

#4 Yorkshire Terrier


Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

#5 Maltese

Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

The Maltese, also known as the Maltese Bichón, is the oldest Toy puppy in the entire European continent. These little ones originate from the region bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and were traditionally bred as lap puppies. Therefore, they demonstrate a very docile and highly sociable character, needing constant attention from their families. In addition, they should be well educated and properly socialized to avoid possessive or scandalous behavior.

If you are looking for a small, affectionate and energetic puppy, we invite you to get to know Maltese better.

#6 The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is among the smallest and most popular puppy breeds in the world. From its birth as a breed, the Yorkshire had already paraded its beauty in the lap of the nineteenth-century English madam.

In addition to its gentle aspect and energetic character, it is a hypoallergenic dog and can even accompany people with respiratory or skin allergies.

If you are already or are thinking of becoming a happy owner of a Yorkshire Terrier, we propose to know the main characteristics and care that this beautiful breed requires.

#7 Beagle

Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

For over 3 centuries, the Beagles have stood firm and strong on the list of the most beloved dog in the world.

However, there is some evidence that their ancestors were already accompanying their guardians during hunting days in Ancient Greece, around the sixth or fifth century BC.

If you are a proud Beagle guardian or are considering adopting a puppy, we invite you to get to know this breed better and to take the essential care to bring your dog a happy, healthy and active life.

# 8 Welsh Springer Spaniel

The Welsh Springer Spaniel can also be known as Welsh Springer Spaniel or simply Welsh Springer. This red and white fur dog is robust, active and needs space. It has a very developed beacon, it covers the ground methodically and with a medium amplitude. When compared to English Springer you feel more comfortable in the water but less comfortable in the woods. He barks when he sees hares and rabbits, also showing a preference for woodcock. It was used by ancient people long before weapons were invented.

For retired people who usually go out and live in the city, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is a great company. It was widely used as a hunting dog by nobles and since the 14th century has been used as a lovely companion dog. It is currently considered a rare dog. Importantly, the English Springer Spaniel and Welsh Springer Spaniel are distinct dogs, not a variation of the same dog from the Spaniel breed group.

# 9 Rottweiler

Rotweiller is a strong and robust puppy. His looks are like a powerful dog, so some people are even afraid of him. In fact, like any other puppy, rottweilers can be excellent pets if they are properly trained.

If you have recently adopted a dog of this breed and are looking for different names for rottweiler that match the physical appearance and character of these beautiful dogs,

#10 Shiba Inu

Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

The Shiba is a very cute breed and has been gaining more and more admirers in Brazil, but can be very suspicious and difficult to socialize, is very sensitive to punishment and you should never fight or beat him because it is a dog that tends to fear.

#11 Havanese

Cutest puppy in the world

Cutest puppy in the world

The Havanese has been the mascot of Cuba’s colonial aristocracy for many years. In the early twentieth century, when American tastes were imposed, there was a change in the shapes and preferences of dogs breeds. From that moment on, the Havanese Bichon was no longer the spoiled pet of the rich and became a bold and caring friend of the common people of the cities.

#12 Golden Retriever

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The Golden Retriever dog has a large size, is very strong and furry and its dark eyes convey the sweetness of its temperament. Its drooping ears and the resemblance of its mouth to a smile are irresistible characteristics for pet lovers.

The breed is extremely lovely, very companion of tutors and is even happier in the presence of children. If well trained, it can be a great companion for cats and other animals.

#13 Poodles

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The Poodle dog has many peculiarities. One of his biggest recognitions is his intelligence: race is in second place in the ranking. Adding this talent to its traditional curly coat, the puppy has become one of the most famous in Brazil and the world.

Another feature of furry is to have four sizes: Large, Medium, Dwarf and Toy. In all, the Poodle is a dog faithful to its guardian and very obedient, aspects that have made the dog so dear among tutors.

#14 Wirehaired Pointing Griffon

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

If you are thinking of Adopting a precious dog, you need to find the right breed for you.

Details such as size, energy level, and personality can affect not only your home but also the happiness of your new furry friend. Doing your due diligence and research is a great way to begin the adoption process!

If you have the right kind of life for an outgoing, smart and child-friendly dog, then you might want to consider the wirehaired pointing griffon.

#15 Pug

cutest puppy in the world

If you are looking for a super dog company, the pug is a great option. Affectionate loves to stay in his lap and spend time with family. After all, the wrinkled face race is the type eager to please, learn and love and will always want to be around. Intelligent and playful, he needs an owner who is his leader and who can give firm commands. Otherwise, it will take advantage!

#16 Border Collie

The Border Collie ranks first in Stanley Coren’s best-known canine intelligence ranking. In addition to being very smart, the breed has a great protective instinct. Training a border collie is very easy: due to the union between intelligence and affection, he stands out among many dogs in the ability to understand orders and put them into practice.

Everyone has that friend who likes to gather the group: in the canine world, the border collie performs this role very well. The breed was known for herding sheep and assisting in the safety of farms. And thanks to this unique protective instinct, it has not only conquered the large families of the countryside, but it has also fallen in the taste of all who wish to have a four-legged friend.

#17 American Hairless Terrier

According to the American Kennel Club, the American Hairless Terrier is small to the medium-sized dog and is quite intelligent and lively, like most Terriers. As it does not have hair, it is necessary to apply sunscreen on the dog before going for a walk, to prevent the sun can burn your skin. Also, for this reason, the Hairless American Terrier may be a great choice for those people who love dogs but suffer from allergies.

The Sloughi is a medium-sized dog, smooth, sensitive and active. The breed also has characteristics such as speed, agility, and endurance over long distances. According to the association, dogs of this breed should be kept in fenced areas.

# 18 Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is a hunting dog that has a very large size and long hair. Its main characteristic is its agility and obedience as well as an excellent smell, which you can even use throughout the day without getting tired.

#19 Bernese Mountain

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The Bernese mountain dog, usually just called ” Bernese “, is a very docile dog and when that puppy looks like a teddy bear. With dense and tricolor hair, he also draws attention to its (huge) size. A Bernese can weigh up to 50kg and measure about 70cm from the shoulders to the floor (with all four legs supported).

#20 Old English Sheepdog

It’s a family puppy: it loves the warmth of home and clowning around with its human family – including the children who, in the eyes of the Sheepdogs, are their best companions for play and gossip.

#21 Leonberger

The best word that defines Leonberger’s temperament is love. A loving, trustworthy, loyal puppy who loves being in the company of his family. Ideal for those with children, he loves the little ones, although supervision is needed with children under five due to the size of the Leonberger. But he is kind and a great protector of children.

#22  Cane Corso


cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

A proof that size is not a document is the cane Corso, even with all its height, fit in our hearts. Yes, we are facing a unique dog: the breed is special in many ways and will love, protect and amuse its guardian and family. And when you least expect it, you’ll love it just as well. A passion played by two hands and four paws for the rest of your life!

His large size may be frightening at first, but cane Corsica is that “big guy” friend who cares more about people than hurts them. In fact, he does no harm. It is a dog that likes affection and reciprocity. As well? Simple: Offer him a safe place and he will give you security in return. It is a race grateful for the teachings it receives and makes the host family a nucleus of tranquility and love.

#23 Chow Chow

Famous for its blue tongue and lion-like mane, chow chow is one of the most exotic races in the world. Loyal and reserved, he is usually a one-owner dog, and once he elects him, he is for life. But if you do not know how to impose your authority, he will think you own the pack.

#24 Dogue de Bordeaux

cutest puppy in the world

This breed became known to the public thanks to the Dane de Bordeaux named Beasley, who starred in the hit Partners and Dogs (1989), a family comedy. Beasley played Hooch, the only witness to the murder investigated by Detective Scott Turner (Tom Hanks).

#25  English Setter

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

Considered an alert and the protective family dog, the English Setter dog is very friendly, kind and docile, but needs regular interaction with people and quick daily walks.

The English Setter has a placid personality and is especially good with children. He is nice, sensitive and likes to give and receive affection.

English setters are very sociable dogs. They like to be with other dogs, but maybe slightly distant from people they do not know.

#26 German Shorthaired Pointer

German Shorthaired Pointer

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a descendant of the old Spanish pointer that came to Germany in 1600. It is not very well known when different races played an important role in the development of this breed. However, two breeds thought to have been used are the Schweiss und, a German hunting dog, the Foxhound, and of course, there are many others, but it’s left to guess when it comes to figuring out which breeds made their own. part of making a german pointer.

#27 Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Raça de cachorro Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke is the short-tailed Corgi and the most popular of the two. This is the easiest way to identify the difference between the two races, the Pembroke and the Cardigan, which although very similar, are now considered distinct races. Other physical differences lie in Pembroke’s ears, which are smaller and more pointed, in the shape of a fox-like head, and in the smaller body, about 10 to 12 pounds.

He is the smallest of dogs in the AKC herding group and until 1934 was with his cousin Cardigan in the English Kennel Club record. Many breeders advocate separation by claiming that they developed separately.

#28  Ibizan Hound

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

Due to a hard life on its Spanish island, the Ibizan Hound has increased its ability to hunt. That is, honed his skill, tenacity, and patience. Then in 1956, they were imported to Rhode Island spreading the breed.

#29 Samoyed

The dog Samoyed is certainly a faithful friend, very dedicated, affectionate and also excessively curious, this reflects directly on the fact that they are very playful, that is, every discovery is cause for celebration. They are not nervous dogs but have a strong personality and because they are active, love to exercise and need it! They are intelligent dogs and always willing to help, being very sociable, including strangers.

#30 Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is great with children, but older children, because although it never wants to hurt them, it is a very large, heavy and strong dog, and can easily knock and step on an adult just in a joke.
Check out the main features of this wonderful breed such as cold tolerance, heat tolerance, family attachment level with strange friendship and much more:

#31 Australian Cowboy

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The Australian Cowboy, also known as Australian Cattle puppy and Blue Heeler, is a very tough and active but also loyal and companion herding dog. Raised to withstand the harsh conditions of Australian terrain, he is almost like a fox dog, and can behave like one at times – he may want to hunt small animals or bury bones and other things in his backyard!

But this breed’s strong and curious personality is one of its most distinctive and fun traits: it makes him always ready to play and discover new things.

#31 Belgian Tervuren

cutest puppy in the world

The Belgian Shepherd Dog Tervuren is very energetic and is very fond of being with family and in a working position (as a function in his early years), especially if the work in question – be it “official” or even House protection – involve its owner.

His temperament is strong and his energy needs to be spent on play and outings. To have a dimension of this dog’s athletic side, always remember that he was originally responsible for running after the herds and did so willingly. Of course, this characteristic remains present today and this energy needs to be released.

#32 Weimaraner

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

One of the things that I find extremely interesting is knowing dog breed characteristics. In addition to being interesting, it is also extremely useful for people to be able to choose a dog that can best suit their lifestyle, thereby increasing their interaction with this happier dog living both the owner and the dog. When you search for a breed that fits your lifestyle, you will lessen the chance of a possible abandonment that is so sad and destructive to dogs.

Of course, nothing prevents you from falling in love with a dog suddenly and taking it home like my own and Pretinho’s.

#33 Spinone Italiano

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The Spinone Italiano, which in some places is also known as Pointer Italiano, is the hunting dog for any purpose of Italians. This is an old school Pointer breed of dogs, which means they are very slow-footed dogs, similar to those used before the era of firing wings. Breed aficionados believe that the Italian Spinone emerged after the crossbreeding of a thick-haired Italian Setter with dogs left by Greek merchants and other dogs brought from the Adriatic coast, and after that added crosses with White and Black Mastiff dogs. maybe even Griffon Frances.

#34 Shetland Sheepdog

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The Shetland Shepherd, or Shetland Sheepdog, is a breed of dog originating from the Shetland Islands, located in Great Britain. It is a shy and suspicious dog, born guard dog and shepherd. Adaptable, it is a dog classified as ideal for young or sedentary families. They can reach 37 cm and weigh 7 kg. Its hard-to-treat coat is smooth and long; their specimens have a characteristic mane and may have the tricolor, bicolor and merle blue variations.

#35 Bull Terrier

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

Resulting from the crossing between the Bulldog and the White English Terrier, the Bull Terrier emerged, in its first litters, very robust and with different dogs; being later bred with Dalmatian dogs until it became as it is today.

#36 Alaskan Malamute

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

Robust, tough and fast, the Malamute is a sled racing champion. Very clean, friendly, quiet, affectionate and playful, is a companion dog much appreciated in the United States, Canada and now in Europe. He needs firm and consistent training from an early age. But it is a calm dog that can adapt to city life and exercise daily so that it uses up energy.

Alaskan Malamute will conquer you with its playful manner and willingness for any activity. They greet everyone as a friend, even strangers who are coming to your house for the first time. They are not good watchdogs,

#37 Australian Cattle

Australian Cattle

This canine buddy of ours is extremely physically active and very intelligent, so he needs regular physical activity to keep him busy and happy. Very tough, stubborn, independent, energetic and tireless. They are easy to train and obedient. What impresses you most while you are doing your grazing work is your agility.

#38 Vizsla

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

As a result, the Short-Haired Vizsla Hun has received FCI recognition in 1936. It has lightweight, lean construction. it is strong. The body length is slightly longer than the height of the withers. Its short, dense, hard-to-touch coat requires no brushing. Since your activity level and your need for exercise are high, you need a large breeding area.

#39 Boxer

cutest puppy in the world

cutest puppy in the world

The name of the boxer comes from the boxer. This is because the dog of this breed usually stands erect in the hind limbs, jumping and fighting against each other. #40 Basset Hound

cutest puppy in the world

Basset Hound is a quiet, gentle and docile dog and all of this coupled with its long, floppy ears makes it even more lovable.

No wonder today that he is one of the most popular puppies in Brazil and in the world.

By the way, for those looking for a loving dog, who likes to be close to family, he is ideal.

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