40 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of The Month That will make your day


These days, when they are ready to welcome a new family member to their home, more people turn to their local animal shelter than ever before, and why wouldn’t you? You can not only provide a home for an animal that may have come from a difficult situation such as being orphaned or abandoned, but you can also support the shelter so that they have room and money to continue providing important services such as spaying/neutering, vaccinating and bringing more animals off the streets and attracting potential adopters.

If you are not persuaded yet, let’s look at the animals ‘ testimonials themselves! Here are some pictures of the rescue animals that for a long time have not known their new families, but are already pretty sure that they will fit in well.


#1 The moment I rescued a kitten crying outside my cat cuddled her

#2 My friend has just posted “Adopted a dog yesterday

#3 My rescue cat tells my recently adopted doll that she is going to be all right and that she is now at home full of love

Why do some new pet parents say they were planning to adopt a kitten but ended up having two? It turns out that the reason so many shelters are forcing a pair of kittens home and even enticing them with adoption offers is that two kittens are actually better than one— for the kittens themselves, your house, and everybody in it.

According to animal welfare trainer Hannah Shaw, who specializes in kitten care and is renowned for her popular Youtube channel Kitten Lady, kittens who grow up with playmates are better-behaved. First of all, having two makes them less likely to get bored and resort to destructive behavior to amuse themselves, and also, critically, by checking boundaries with another cat, rather than your side, they learn not to play too roughly.

You may think this only applies if you bring your new kitten into an empty house, but even if you already have one cat, your older cat will be grateful to you for getting two kittens that can keep each other.

#4 We rescued an 11-year old cat from A shelter in Chicago. He And My 13-Yo Fell In Love Daughter. This is after the camp’s return from a week

#5 Today I have adopted Old Kittens Who Are Brothers for Two 8 Weeks. I originally applied for one but when I answered the application to be adopted, I was asked if I wanted to take the brothers together because the people who adopted his brother were backed out. Kingston And Derby meet!

#6 Jubilee has been recognized!!!

#7 The way our new doll looked at me was the whole ride to her new home.

#8 From the streets saved him. Amid skin issues, vet visit was fantastic

#9 Adopted Him from A Shelter last week. I think he’s very pleased about it

#10 It’s Ruger. In August, we saved him. In a box on the side of the road, he was found. No-fault of ownership. Would have died this poor boy. Despite crying I can’t even think of it. He’s one of our kids now and he’s never going anywhere else.

#11 Karen et Kevin. Adopt, don’t just buy

#12 From adopting Her on Our Way Home. Like Daughter Like Dad.

#13 As a friend for our dog, we rescued a terrified Australian shepherd. He’s not leaving his side now

#14 This Guy A Week Ago was adopted. I was scared of all but chose to trust me. Four days later, and with his very first squeaky toy, he’s a very good boy

#15 I’ve got a senior boy. He’s Young And 19 Lbs 11 Years. The shelter said to me that he is skittish and that would be a long intro. After 6 months, his last family turned him around. He’s My Shadow-At 4 am To All 19 Lbs Sleeping On My Chest, Face An Inch Out of Mine. Goose was supposed to always be mine

#16 Just rescued from the streets this puppy. That’s it after a shower and food

#17 Adopted yesterday This Sweet Boy And couldn’t be happier! His names are Moose.

#18 At just a few weeks old and now he thinks I’m his mum, he’s my para cat

#19 The Trainer of First Time Cat. I used to think that I was a horse, but I guess I was mistaken.

#20 Our family applied today to foster this little one. Hoping all goes well

#21 Adopted today This Little Croissant

#22 A college friend recently visited and he adopted these adorable kitties, Brother And Sister. Meet Lucifer And Lillith!

#23 Trapped this feral kitten from the exterminator at work to save it. Now She’s got a big house and I got a big kitten! Everybody Wins!

#24 I was hoping he would like me when I saved Icarus, and I wished he was a cuddle bug. I guess I had to. Pupper Is Frozen

#25 Meet Luna Lovefood Our Baby Fur Adopted. Yeah, that’s on her head a wild mouse.

#26 Tell me the story about how I was rescued

#27 My friend took this sweet baby and I think all of you needed to see it

#28 Suki was in treatment for eight years until I took her, and I couldn’t love this little goblin anymore.

#29 Best Friends Since the day before

#30 Rescued Two Kittens From Different Litters & Caught Just Two Days After Taking them Home This Moment. If they would bond or not after that, we stopped worrying. Fozzy (Orange) & Arthur (Grey) have since been inseparable!

#31 This is Wednesday, The Kitten Rescue With Just One Eye

#32 Welcome to the adoption of Mr Tiggs My Wife as his former owner wanted him gone. Mr Tiggs feels right at home on my pillow

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