30 Fox Photos showing the wonderful creatures they are


They are furry, they are pretty and they make indescribable sounds, so are foxes. We believe that these precious animals do not receive enough attention. Sure, cats and dogs are lovely, but foxes have a je ne sais quoi …

We want to cheer you up a bit for the week and that is why we have compiled this comforting list full of adorable and funny foxes. Take a look, vote for your favorites, and share them with whoever needs them. And if you want more you can see our previous posts about foxes.


Foxes are very smart, more or less like dogs. But despite what is believed, they are not especially cunning. Like dogs, they are very playful and are often seen playing with objects, just like dogs with their toys, “says Sarah, founder of Help Wildlife.

# 1 The fox I planted last year is growing well

# 2 I think you have fallen in love with Christmas decorations

# 3 Little foxes in a New Jersey garden

If you see a fox in its habitat, be satisfied and admire it from a distance. It is not a good idea to try to approach or pet it. You can leave food to it sometime, but it is better that you do not associate it or give them a lot, or they will become dependent. ”

“They can have diseases that spread to humans. The risk depends on the contact you have with them since proximity is required to transmit them. As long as foxes are treated like the wild animals they are and you leave them alone, there is virtually no risk of getting hit nothing. ”

# 4 He visits us almost every day

# 5 They have appeared on my grandmother’s porch

# 6 He came to see us while we were walking the dog

Foxes can climb trees and have night vision like cats. They also have excellent hearing. Their diet depends on their environment, but they tend to be omnivorous and eat whatever they are, from roots and fruits to rodents, frogs, and fish.

# 7 Shh, don’t wake up

# 8 My friend passed out at the bus stop and found this upon waking up

# 9 We have a good harvest in the yard

# 10 Canadian Veined Fox

# 11 At 1 in the morning the movement alarm was activated, it was this little one with the ball of my dog

# 12 lounging on the porch

# 13 sleeping on the terrace

# 14 He has been visiting me for two years

she loves strawberry jam sandwiches and dog treats, which she brings for her partner and puppies

# 15 sleeping on a cut log

# 16 Sneaked into the corral and fell asleep, did nothing to any chicken

# 17 It’s called Pudding

# 18 We went kayaking on the river and when we stopped to eat he joined us

# 19 taking a nap in my garden

# 20 They were playing with their reflection in the door

# 21 There is a family of foxes living in a bush at the end of the garden. The mother watches over us

# 22 Arctic fox at the Quebec aquarium

# 23 Malachi playing

# 24 Nap in the pot

# 25 Curious silver fox in my house

# 26 One of the little foxes that lives in the garden, we call him Jasper

# 27 The foxes in the town of Zao are very friendly

# 28 Little fox that came to rehab. Will be released in the fall

# 29 Fox happy with his gift

# 30 His name is Oscar and I’m taking care of him

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