Soldier wounded in battle marries and his faithful puppy becomes his groomsman


Perrito is the faithful companion of a newly married couple and becomes viral on Facebook.


There is no doubt that the dog is man’s best friend. A beautiful dog went viral on Facebook with his brave human being the best man in a wedding suit. To begin with this beautiful story, we will tell you about the brave man who decided that his faithful four-legged friend is part of this unforgettable moment, his wedding and that he has stolen the hearts of Facebook users. Let us begin!

Justin Lansford is a war veteran and in 2012, after serving in Afghanistan, in an IED, the brave paratrooper lost his leg, which led him to return to the United States.

After what he lived in the war, the soldier needed a service dog to help him cope with this hard moment, so The Warrior Canine Connections paired Justin with an incredible 2-year-old dog. From that moment Justin and Gabe, as he decided to call him, became best friends. Time passed. When Justin and his girlfriend Carol Balmes got engaged, the soldier knew that his beloved furry companion would be by his side as his godfather. So, after a year, the couple got married in Largo, Florida, and Gabe was there to accompany them.

Without a doubt, the fact that the beautiful puppy was there made the event more emotional and meaningful. Gabe was the bearer of the ring and did a perfect job too and seeing such a tender act, the guests were moved to tears. Since the marriage, the couple has been living the second life opportunity that life gave to Justin, along with his beloved dog, for four years. Check out our photo gallery of this beautiful family.

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