10+ photos that prove dogs are a god Gift


Having a dog means you will never be a couch potato. They encourage us to socialize and spend more time outdoors, even if the weather isn’t the best and all you want to do is lie down. They are also your best training friends, and as a dog owner, you will end up exercising all your muscles to chase, pull, and hold your pet. And, without a doubt, the most work will be your facial muscles, because those furry loving balls give us many reasons to smile.

At Bright Side, we invite you to view these images that will remind you that love comes in all shapes and sizes and, on many occasions, with a furry tail.


1. My daughter is at home with a fever. Puppy therapy has begun

2. My “daughter” and my dog ​​watching the first snow of the season

3. When you come home after a long day at school, or after a bad day, or after a sad farewell, and she hugs her best friend

4. My roommate’s dog likes to hold hands with him

5. My wife caught my daughter and my pet, both asking for food

6. My friend just sent a text message: ‘I adopted a dog yesterday.’ Here in this photo, they are together

7. Mitus loves Grandma. He is so nice to her but too hyperactive to everyone else

8. At first, my father objected to us having a dog. I think he finally changed his mind.

9. I Met My Best Friend Today

10. My wife’s dog hates thunderstorms

11. Don’t have a kitten and a husky together, they told me

12. After 6 months of being depression-free, I adopted my new best friend! Gladly introduce you to Gilly

13. I can’t get out of the house much because of health problems, so every time my neighbor’s dog sees me, he runs back inside his house to bring me one of his favorite toys.

14. My 1-year-old son and my 68 kilos mastiff are the best friends

15. My 3-legged golden retriever and his 7 puppies

16. My great friend has just turned 1 year old and he is huge

17. I leave my daughter in the car seat so I can keep an eye on her while I shower. My corgi doesn’t stop protecting her, but we don’t let him enter the bathroom

18. I think you could say it was love at first sight

19. My friend works at a dog spa, he turned around and saw this happening

20. It’s just my dog ​​cradling my baby

You have a dog? How has your life changed since she is with you?


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