Here are 20 Funny Comics with Unpredictable Endings by Very Cereals


Comics have been a source of entertainment for generations. They offer a unique way to tell stories, blending images and text to create a narrative that captures the reader’s imagination. One of the most popular types of comics is the humorous variety, and few do it better than Very Cereals. Their comics are known for their unpredictable endings, leaving readers laughing and surprised at the same time. Mohamed El Mayati creates VeryCereals comics, which are definitely worth attention.

Comics are a quick and easy way to make you laugh, and we are blessed with talented artists from all over the world who keep feeding us fresh and original humor. What sets Very Cereals apart from other humorous comics is their unpredictable endings. Unlike many comics that follow a predictable pattern, Very Cereals comics often take an unexpected turn, subverting readers’ expectations and leaving them laughing out loud. He currently has an audience of 13,700 on his Instagram account, which is still growing.


But what really makes Very Cereals shine is the writing. Max has a gift for crafting funny, relatable stories that take unexpected turns. Many of the strips start out with a simple premise—a character wants something or encounters a problem—but quickly spiral into absurdity. Just when you think you know where the story is headed, the punchline lands and takes you completely by surprise. If you’re a fan of funny comics with unexpected twists, you should definitely check out Very Cereals. With its charming art style and clever writing, it’s sure to brighten up your day and leave you with a smile on your face.

Credit: Very Cereals

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#1. Civilization

#2. Cage


#3. Survival in the wild

#4. Look at this guy

#5. You’re next


#6. Insecurities

#7. Rubbing hands

#8. Lie detector


#9. Maxed out

#10. RIP

#11. Bonk

#12. Soup


#13. Messages

#14. Plans

#15. Bully


#16. Change

#17. Priorities

#18. Justice


#19. Banana peel

#20. Always happy


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