This Comic About ‘Unadoptable’ Cats Is Amazing


Whose heart doesn’t melt at the possibility of a little cat that can fit in your shoe? Indeed, one lady needs to show individuals that grown-up and disabled felines are similarly as adorable – through comics.

The craftsman and feline proprietor, Brittney, said the motivation for the illustrations originated from a story she heard some time ago, which made her extremely upset. “A family went a cat shelter to receive. The girl fell in love with a 3-legged feline. The dad straight up said, “in no way, shape or form”. Since he was feeling the loss of a leg. That feline loved him, yet the missing leg helps him down,” she composed on her Tumblr page.


Every comics cartoon tends to the marks of disgrace that surround ‘imperfect creatures,’ and individuals’ hesitations to take them home. “I get it,” composed Brittaney, “Yet less-adoptable doesn’t mean less loveable. All I need individuals to do is be available to have an “alternate” pet in their lives. Pick the pet that you fall in love with, however, at any rate, give every one of them a reasonable took shots at winning your heart.” This feline sweetheart is so energetic about her cat cause that she even has an online store that utilizes half of its sales to donate to feline rescues.

Look down underneath to see Brittaney’s endearing feline comics and possibly you will be roused to get another pet of your own!

Some time back, craftsman and feline proprietor Brittney heard a tale about a father who would not accept his girl a 3-legged feline and it made her extremely upset

So she chose to make a comic series to show why ‘less-adoptable doesn’t mean less adorable’

Individuals online cherished the comic and shared the story of their own rescue felines

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