30 Motherhood Moments Perfectly Illustrated comics By Artist Paula Kuka


Each mother has her good and bad times with regard to child-rearing. One moment your kid may appear to be a little heavenly attendant, smoothly dozing in their lodging, while another they may appear as though the demon in bodily form, pitching fits and testing the cutoff points of your understanding. What’s more, Australian craftsman Paula Kuka superbly shows these parenthood minutes in legitimate and relatable comics.

In a meeting with Bored Panda, the craftsman said she never had any designs to turn into an artist. In the wake of completing school, Paula examined scene design and proceeded to work in that calling for a long time. She just began drawing subsequent to going on maternity leave with her first youngster as an approach to keep inventive.


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After I had my second infant a couple of years after the fact, I began drawing kid’s shows as a method for archiving our day by day lives (since I was futile at writing in their child books), says the craftsman. “I posted them on Instagram and they immediately assembled consideration from different guardians who cherished seeing such a relatable perspective on child-rearing.” In her delineations, Paula wants to discuss both the difficulties and endearing parts of parenthood. It’s critical to me to speak transparently about these things as I probably am aware it can help different guardians feel less detached in what they are experiencing, says Paula.



“Openings can come in the most far-fetched places. Be liberal with your time and aptitudes,” prompts the craftsman. All my most noteworthy open doors came when I put it all on the line and accomplished something for somebody and didn’t anticipate anything consequently.

Simply continue onward and remain consistent with yourself, says Paula. “Individuals reverberate the most with validness.” Check her legit parenthood comics in the exhibition underneath!




























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