20 New Comics Inspired By My Dog That Most Dog Owners May Relate To


I have been composing short discoursed about my DOG since he was a little dog. The extreme love I felt for an animal I was unable to speak with roused me to envision the discussions we would have in the event that I could. As of late, I understood that the immense assortment of stuff I had composed may engage others. The issue was they were somewhat exhausting to take a gander at in content structure. They should have been enlivened to have a similar vitality and force as my real pooch.

Enter Hey Buddy Comics’ gifted craftsman “K.” Together, we arranged out a progression of comics dependent on my accounts, the beginning of which you can see underneath.


I trust you like them. There are a lot more to come! Discover us on Instagram on the off chance that you need to see them.

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