Maine coon kittens, ever fantasized about owning a lion? then, your dream might not be that far fetched, Maine Coons, the largest breed of the kitten in the world and also one of the oldest breeds in North America.
These huge cats can grow as large as four feet long, and look even big thanks to their soft lion-like fur. Robert Sojka a photographer who has been live in China with his family for 13 years, has released this insanely cutest series of Maine Coons kittens. As it turns out, his wife. Izabella started a breeding program for the cats, so it’s obvious why he adores the breed so much!

They seem taken from the very jungle.

From a very young age, my mother planted in me the great love I have so far for cats. Although many do not have a connection with the cute felines, whoever does will give me the reason when I say they are unique and it is really wonderful to establish a relationship with them. They are more mystical and mysterious than they imagine but always true. Photographer Robert Sikja shares the addiction but especially with the Maine Coons cat breed. These cats are characterized by their majestic fur, which gives you a feeling that you are in the presence of a lion.

Photographer Robert Sikja says that cats are “mystical beasts” and that is why he decided to share with the world the beautiful photoshoot where he shows the Maine Coon breed cats.

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Maine coon cats Cutest Photos

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maine coon kittens
maine coon kittens


maine coon kittens
maine coon kittens





maine coon kittens
maine coon kittens


maine coon kittens


maine coon kittens


maine coon kittens



maine coon kittens



maine coon kittens



maine coon kittens











The Maine coon kitten stands out for being a large, robust and docile kitten. Known as the “gentle giant” cat, this cat is among the most popular giant cat breeds.

In this Animal Expert breed sheet, we will show you everything you need to know about the Maine coon cat breed, starting with its origins as a rural cat, going through its character and care and ending with frequent health problems in the breed or tips Veterinarians you should know. Discover below how Maine coon cats are and let yourself be seduced by their beauty and sweet character.


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