Belinda Richards is an author of Frog Dog Studios, picture taker and ace piddle cleaner. 18 years of experience working with animals including filling in as a groomer, animal welfare, and crisis administrations.

As indicated by Belinda: “I go through my days talking familiar dogs. All things considered, kind of. I make interesting commotions and feed them nutty spread, and they give me bizarre looks that are so human it’s ridiculous.

My customers are of the four-legged assortment. You see I’m a universally granted pet picture taker and craftsman situated in Melbourne, Australia. More often than dogs come to visit my studio yet I respect all animals; as long as they fit in the studio that may be. In the course of the last 2 and a half years, I’ve turned more than 500 dogs, kitties, rabbits, and ferrets into the art. One thing I saw is the manner by which every animal gives me such relatable articulations. Their responses to the various clamors I make or words I use are so remarkable to every person, much the same as individuals.

I accept this is the reason we have such a solid association with our fuzzy companions and I concluded it would make a funny, cute arrangement. I show that animals are human-like in my progressing project titled ‘dogs are the Best People’.”

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