These 17 pictures of Sphynx cat babies will melt your heart


Sphynx cats are quite controversial breed and their unique appearance can make you love them or hate them; there doesn’t seem to be a middle ground here. Most people might think that Sphynx cats are weird and ugly and others might develop an affinity for them. Either way, we think they are unique beings, very rare and of exquisite beauty and they need more credit and love.

The major characteristic of a Sphynx cat is her lack of hair. Hairlessness in cats is usually the result of a gene mutation and the Sphynx breed was born in the 1960s after a whole selective breeding period. A Sphynx cat’s skin could have little or no hair. Whiskers might be broken or whole or not at all. Her head is narrow and with a long shape and her feet are webbed. The Sphynx cats have different skin colors and are quite warm to touch for the simple reason that they have no fur and the body loses more heat than usual. Also, they are quite heat-seeking creatures, for obvious reasons.


What you probably don’t know about the Shypnx cats is that they have a very dog-like behavior: they are very extrovert beings, with a high level of energies, very loving towards their owners and very intelligent as well. They are quite lovely to be around and are one of the rarest cat breeds who greet their owners at the door. So, to make you look at them with more love and care here is a compilation of 17 pictures of cute Sphynx cat babies which will melt your heart in an instant

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