‘Dogspotting’ is a group where people share the best and most unexpected encounters with dogs (25 photos)


Dogspotting is a Facebook group where people share photos of the dogs they meet. And yes, it is as pure as it sounds. The group has 1.8 million members and they all follow one basic rule: No photos of dogs that you know personally are posted, whether it’s your own pet or others you’ve seen before. And cats are not mentioned either, but that’s pretty obvious. And that’s it, basically. The free format ensures you see something new every day, from Newfoundland on the roof to corgis in a backpack. Take a look and enjoy some of the group’s best posts yet.

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#1 My grandfather has dementia, and he felt sorry for the dogs that had to spend the day outside, so he entertained them by showing them pictures

Dogspotting is a game, a sport in which the dogs you meet are portrayed, explain the administrators. If you want instead, put photos of your own dog or others you know, use this other page: Dogspotting Society . If you want to do well, you should stay away from places where you are expected to find dogs, such as veterinarians and perruquerías.

#2 I don’t know if they have seen me

The most common are photos and videos, but texts and art are also supported. However, if the dog is stressed or has a problem, do not post it. You will not see politics, or cropped ears, or the controversy adopt VS buy, in the group. “Those who meet a dog have no control over it. You have to be respectful.

#3 Watching us on the train

#4 There is gold at the end of the rainbow

#5 I just moved in and found the neighbors’ dog waiting for me at the door. I have opened and sat on the mat

#6 His name is Connor and he is beautiful

#7 I work at the self-service at Starbucks and this happened to me today. I have asked permission to take the photo

#8 Putting eyes

#9 A dog

#10 I was waiting for a taxi and I heard breaths

#11 Hello good, I would like treats

#12 We saw the hole and the name, and when we called it it appeared. He likes to greet people

#13 Number of golden retrievers

#14 I found a Newfoundland in newfoundland

#15 I’m looking after some friends’ house and they tell me they have a foster dog. This is Princess

#16 A colleague has left his potato on my table

#17 Good morning ma’am

#18 Ellie likes to walk with her Mickey so that they will listen to her

#19 Corgi walking in backpack

#20 Gossiping on a wall

#21 In the middle of the flight I saw that the passenger in the back does not maintain social distance

#22 I met this 14 year old wolf in the mountain, his name is Shadow

#23 Dad taking his litter to the garden

#24 It has only 3 months

#25 Smiling on the bus

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