These Hilarious comics show in a funny and sinister way how animals see the world


The world of the webtoon is making itself known to the wider world, and we couldn’t be happier. Illustrators and illustrators from all over the world publish their creations on the web, reaching millions of people thanks to social networks. A great opportunity for not so well known artists, who can show their work to the general public with minimal cost, apart from their effort.

Comics with a very diverse theme, there are many who decide to explore our daily lives, those little details that make up our day to day. Experiences that you only live by being a woman, trying to be an adult, your sexual identity… Anything goes, even believing yourself an animal.


“My name is Cale, and I draw comics.” In this simple way, the creator of ‘Things in Square’, who among other things draws funny, but at the same time somewhat sinister vignettes that show the behavior of animals from an absurd point of view.

Credit: Things In Squares | Facebook | Instagram






















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