Top 3 Comics Of Artist Jenny Jinya that will make you cry


Jenny didn’t have the foggiest idea whether she could change the world with her craft, yet she realized she needed to attempt. As a capable artist and craftsman situated in Germany, she draws under the name Jenny-Jinya, and she’s overwhelmed web-based social networking with a progression of funnies she’s made that emphasis on creature government assistance. She covers everything from pet deserting to creature misuse and territory pulverization.

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This made Me so sad. We all have to do a little something to help Gods innocent creatures. Thinking, carry a bucket when your walking on the beach and pick up anything you see. Sad. It is scary that so many people have such little regard for any form of life, just their own life. Hopefully we will soon realize how we are destroying all life and take responsibility for each and every one of our actions.


Thank you Jenny for your help here in shedding light on the plight of homeless animals. i just recently rescued a brother & sister pair of kittens who were thrown outside in October to fend for themselves. they were still babies! me and another neighbor were feeding and caring for them. they took the kittens to get fixed and took them back to the owner and told them to leave the babies indoors. they were thrown outside AGAIN! these babies were such lovebugs. they wanted your lap and attention all the time. sweet sweet babies! then, we had a big rain storm for a week. i looked for them until a few days later they came to me cold and wet and hungry. i took them inside to keep them warm, dry, and safe. a friend of mine who rescues cats made some calls and found another home for these sweet babies. now they have a forever indoor home and the spoiled life they deserve full of love.


This one hits a lot closer to home for me than it will for most people. Once upon a time I ran off to work for a circus as part of the promotions team . This meant I worked separate from the actual show so it took a very long time for me to see the sad truth of what happens behind the scenes. The day my eye’s were opened was the day they fired me for attempted assault on the owners son.I cannot help but feel guilty for some of the suffering the poor animals went through while I gladly accepted a paycheck with my eyes wired shut Perfect ending, as usual. I thought that’s where this was headed as soon as I saw the souls to reign over line, scrolled down and the faucet opened up. Absolutely Fantastic job ma’am.


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