“Stop splitting the sweets in half” and other (funny) doggy complaints in placard version


A handsome dog is becoming famous for his vindictive banners, complaints of heavy dogs all of them. Clearly, he would be invested in the first vote. Baboy has been sharing his messages on Instagram for a very short time, but it is clear that his message has sounded


More than 13,000 people follow this great (and gorgeous) dog who lives in New York and little else is known for now. Well yes, that he hates the rain and that those days he puts on “poop strike”

He also thinks, with excellent logic, that humans should not be the judges in canine competitions.

And he proclaims himself tired of being blamed for human farts.


What would be the banner complaint of your dogs?

I think Aunt would say something like Stop pretending to take me clean and with well-cut hair, crazy and muddy hairs are the wow.

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Credit Instagram @dogwithsign

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