10 Illustrations Of A Not-So-Perfect Cou-ple That Will Make You Cry


No one is perfect in this world. No one can ever be perfect, but what we can certainly do is do our best for others. The shows we watch usually have excellent main characters who are mentally strong enough to stand freely despite going through many difficulties. His partner is as strong as he is not good.

But in reality, we are all built separately. None of us can ever be like these important characters – we tend to have characters who don’t have the ideal shape. But still, we deserve to be loved and loved. Some of us suffer from depression, anxiety, or maybe some mental illness that can really take us away from the world.


Hey, it’s not your fault – no one is perfect. There can only be imaginary characters. So, here are Athena and her roommate Danvas who came to take care of each other despite their own shortcomings?




“illustrator” and author of these stories are Pau. Pau works as an artist during the day and spends her free time drawing her main characters and their relationships at night. “Chicken lovers” have been attracting Danvas and Athena for years. Their relationship is one of the most loved things ever, which is why Pau loves to explore.





Realistic is probably a better way to interpret them as ‘being poisonous’ because they find it unfair to say so because when depression occurs, Danvas sometimes harms himself or that Athena still understands Danvas and He is trying his best to love her. . There are also moments when Pau attracted his love as “Plato”.



Danvas and Athena are not perfect people and have their own prices. But despite all this, they love each other as much as they do and try their best to understand each other’s sorrows and pains. They are always there and oh, the perfect moments on Valentine’s Day are not by candlelight.



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