These 20 Wacky Full of Dark Humor Comics by Little Porpoise Can Surely Amuse You


Wacky comics are a unique blend of humor and satire that delve into uncomfortable and often taboo topics. These comics use absurd situations and dark themes to explore social issues, psychological conflicts, and the human condition. What makes wacky dark humor comics stand out is their ability to use humor as a tool to confront difficult topics and present them in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. They often challenge societal norms and conventions, pushing boundaries and exposing the absurdity of everyday life.

Sometimes, we need a good laugh to relieve our stress and lift our spirits. One way to do this is by reading wacky comics that are full of dark humor. These comics often feature absurd situations, quirky characters, and unexpected twists that can leave you laughing out loud. One such comic series that can surely amuse you is Little Porpoise. Thus, a webcomic is a masterpiece in the comics genre, in the hopes that it will help you temporarily forget about your troubles and enter the land of happiness. The creator of this webcomic series doesn’t reveal much personal information.


Wacky comics full of dark humor can be a great way to relieve stress and add some laughter to your day. Each comic has its own nuances and characteristics. However, they are all created with interesting stories and visuals. No lie! Many artists have tried combining various topics to create a genuine hotpot, while others stick to standard themes and singular casts of characters. With an Instagram family of 33,400, he continues to amaze his readers with his fabulous comics. You can check out his best illustrations in the following section. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics. Have a great day!

Credit: Little Porpoise

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#1. Uncles are the worst

#2. Follow instructions


#3. Hypotenuse

#4. The lookout

#5. The Mole Man


#6. Run away, brave one!

#7. Better half

#8. Context matters


#9. An alcoholic

#10. Moses

#11. The hunt

#12. Mother’s day gift


#13. The winds of change

#14. An obligation

#15. The Meatyor


#16. A different kind of date

#17. A lot to prove

#18. Just a lemon


#19. Love is in the air

#20. Little victories


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