20 Times This Artist Makes Everyone Laugh Through His Ludicrously Single-Panel Comics 


Lonnie Millsap is a talented cartoonist and humor writer who has gained a significant following of 12,200 for his unique brand of humor. Born in Oklahoma, Millsap has lived in many parts of the United States, including Louisiana, Texas, and California. He began his career as a humor writer, but he is perhaps best known for his cartoons, which have been featured in various publications. Lonnie Millsap is a comedic genius when it comes to creating single-panel comics that can make everyone laugh.

The sole emotion they are designed to provoke is laughter, which they do readily. He frequently highlights the peculiarities of modern life and makes light of everyday events. Another factor contributing to the rise in popularity of Millsap’s cartoons is how he subverts long-standing conventions in the art form. Contrary to traditional comics, which usually rely on complex narratives and character development, Millsap produces straightforward, basic comics. The sole emotion they are designed to provoke is laughter, which they do readily.


Millsap is humble and committed to his craft despite his success. Every day he continues to produce new comics and illustrations, and he strives to continually enhance his output. He is one of the most beloved cartoonists of our time because of his commitment to his craft and his distinctive sense of humor. He has a distinctive sense of humor that fuses absurdity with relatability and is a favorite of audiences of all ages. Millsap is certain to continue to be a mainstay in the realm of cartooning for years to come thanks to his commitment to his craft and his capacity for making people laugh. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations.

Credit: Lonnie Millsap

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#1. Hulk

#2. School


#3. Spaceship

#4. Plan

#5. Cut


#6. Rub

#7. Dishes

#8. Drinks


#9. Date

#10. Roof

#11. Pickles

#12. Grape


#13. Snorkel

#14. Dairy

#15. Peanuts


#16. Bones

#17. Bats

#18. Floppy


#19. Warmer

#20. Blue


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