20 Times Cartoonist Aidee Sea Creates After Death Comics in a Hilarious Way


It’s important to note that death is a sensitive and complex topic, and different people have different beliefs and feelings about it. In the world of comics, there have been many stories that explore the themes of death, loss, and the afterlife in various ways. Meet Aidee Sea, who is a talented cartoonist who has taken the concept of death and the afterlife and turned it into a source of humor and entertainment with her “After Death Comics.” This webcomic is based on comics about life and death. 

Sea’s comics are not morbid or dark but instead offer a lighthearted and hilarious take on what happens after we pass away. In her comics, the characters find themselves in various situations, from meeting their loved ones in the afterlife to dealing with the bureaucracy of death. Her comics are relatable and enjoyable, and they offer a fresh and unique perspective on a subject that is often considered taboo. Her unique style and wit have gained her a significant following of 58,400 on social media and have made her a rising star in the world of comics.


She offers a distinct take on death and the afterlife in her comics, which are also amusing. She is able to make the topic less taboo and more approachable by tackling it with humor. Her comics provide us with a sense of consolation and hope by showing us that there may be laughter and humor even after death. Her comics offer a fun and witty take on a subject that is frequently regarded as taboo. Sea’s comedy is relevant and delightful. You can view her most recent 20 illustrations in the region after this one. I’m hoping that everybody will appreciate these comics.

Credit: After Death Comics

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#1. Don’t talk about the guy who has super speed

#2. In the library, no one should hear your scream


#3. Wish

#4. Who pulls the sword will be the ruler of the fingers

#5. Why find news when you can make a news?


#6. AI will require therapy in the future

#7. Pro-chest, unless it’s my chest


#8. Making deep fake AI videos

#9. The rapid decline of adult video stores is worrying

#10. Why worry about a home break-in when your home’s breaking?


#11. Testest

#12. Conspire against me


#13. Confidence

#14. Fight or flight

#15. Wake up summon


#16. Support the pandas

#17. Body lord


#18. Gambling addiction entertainment centre

#19. Cash, not love

#20. Wheel of reincarnation

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