They tied her to a rock and threw her into the river. A woman managed to rescue her before she drowned


Bella” was seconds away from death when she was rescued and while not yet out of risk, she has shown signs of recovery. His abuser, meanwhile, was already arrested.

The human race is capable of wonderful things. Disinterested acts of kindness, great works of art and incredible technological advances have put us at the top of our planet, for which we are now responsible.


But just as we are capable of great things, there are people who demonstrate that humanity can be cruel and ruthless both with beings of the same species as well as with animals. And this story is sad proof of that.

A woman was walking quietly through a park in the United Kingdom when a movement on the nearby riverbank caught her eye. It could have been anything, but he also decided to investigate. That decision saved a life.

As he approached, he saw with horror that a poor dog was totally submerged in the waters of the river and was struggling, with little force, to break free.
He ran to her to see what was preventing him from taking a breath. When he learned the cause, he began to cry uncontrollably.

The dog was with her head submerged in the shallow waters of the river because someone had tied her to heavy rock.

This had not been an accident, not even an oversight: Someone tried to kill the poor animal in one of the cruelest ways imaginable.

After she managed to release the dog from her belt of death, the woman took her out of the icy waters of the river and called the police. Together with the officers, they checked the animal and waited for the veterinarians, who took it urgently to a hospital.

Already at the facility, several experts struggled to save the dog’s wing, which gave weak signs of life. Looking for their owners, they discovered a chip that identified her as Bella, who despite being on the verge of death, still wagged her tail every time someone caressed her.

They had to spend several days in the emergency room for the dog to recover some energy and be encouraged to eat. Today, his veterinary team is confident that he will recover.

The Police, as long as it has not been folded before such an act of cruelty and evil. A 32-year-old woman and a 31-year-old man have been arrested after being identified as suspects. The officers, of course, keep asking for statements from anyone who may have seen the culprits of this horrible act.

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