Blind and deaf puppy comforts every abandoned animal that comes to your home. Fills them with love


Shiro accompanies and helps the abandoned animals that his owner Sheryl Smith takes home. The last one was a kitten who was very sick.

Sheryl Smith has been rescuing and searching for homes for abandoned animals for years. Although she knows hundreds of stories, one especially touched her.


Shiro is a deaf and partially blind dog who passed through two shelters and 12 foster homes. They adopted it and returned four different times. When Smith saw him, he noticed how anxiety overflowed. So he decided to adopt it with his family in 2018.

It was a handful, but everyone else had given it up and we weren’t prepared to do it too. He still cries in the car until today because he thinks he was left somewhere else, ”Smith told The Dodo.
Although Shiro still has problems, he has improved greatly since his family adopted him. For everything that had to happen, the puppy has shown a weakness for other animals in need, and from the moment he joined his family, he began to comfort all the other rescued animals that pass through the place.

“Right after their rescue, I rescued a pregnant bitch who was too sick to take care of her puppies, so Shiro got on with them and started cleaning them,” said Smith.
“He has done it with every rescue I receive. He will simply sit patiently with the wild cats/kittens and will join so strongly that they trust him before he trusts me, ”he added.

Recently, Smith learned of a small abandoned kitten, later named Tiny Tolley, who was ill, and immediately came to his aid. If they had left him alone for a long time, he would not have succeeded, and Shiro could feel that from the moment he arrived.

“Shiro never left his box for a second. I knew I was so sick and so scared and I needed to be comforted, ”said Smith.

Slowly, Tolley began to regain his strength and yet Shiro refused to leave his side. While snuggling in Smith’s lap, Shiro also came to help and couldn’t help giving her a big kiss to comfort her.

The kitten continues to strengthen and as soon as he is completely healthy, Smith will try to find a home for him, and Shiro will continue to comfort all adopted animals as best he can.

His love and compassion for the other bailouts is amazing, ”said Smith.

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