Horrified owner shares pictures demonstrating how his dog Oscar’s head was about ripped off in assault by two Italian bullmastiffs


A dog proprietor has shared terrible pictures demonstrating how his pet’s head was nearly ripped off during an assault by two Italian Bullmastiffs.

Howie Bunkham was likewise savaged during the assault after which his pet, Ollie, required four hours of medical surgery.


The injury ripped in Ollie’s neck was ‘millimeters from his fundamental artery’ and nearly cost the dog its life.

Howie, 52, himself required treatment at A&E after one of the dogs snapped through the thick coat he was wearing.


Howie Bunkham and his pet, Ollie (both envisioned) were harmed in a savage assault when two Italian bullmastiffs jumped on the dog and his proprietor


Ollie (envisioned) was left requiring join on his neck and shoulder following the ridiculous assault in Farnham, Surrey

Grisly photographs show Oscar’s post-surgery procedure, with bloodied sewing joining his neck and shoulder together.

Photos of Harry’s injuries show additionally a profound slash on his lower arm and a cut on his leg.

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