Mexican state approves a law of up to 6 years in jail for harming an animal


Cases of mistreatment of animals abound today. As much as the efforts of animal advocates, organizations and activists always focus on fighting to raise their voices for those who don’t have it, it often seems that heartless people get their way. 

When they are found guilty the punishments they face are really ridiculous compared to the serious physical and emotional damage caused to innocent creatures, such as animals.


But now a Mexican state has come forward. This is Nayarit, where a law has just been passed in which economic fines and prison sentences would be raised for all animal abusers.

Such acts of abuse include all acts that are considered aggressive and cause sadness, suffering, pain, and trauma to animals, whether physical and/or emotional.

It was thanks to the plenary of the congress that it was possible to vote in favor of the hardening of the Penal Code to punish the perpetrators of such repudiable acts.

The new law includes penalties from 6 months to 6 years behind bars and fines from 10,000 (468 euros) to 61,000 Mexican pesos (2,800 euros)

It will fall on everyone who violates all rights of animals, and the most important thing is that it will not matter who the aggression comes from. Whether the abuser a neighbor, the veterinarian, a caregiver, a criminal, a stranger or even the owner himself, everyone will receive the same punishment equally.

Animal sacrifices will be free from punishment as long as it is justified that they are put to sleep to avoid a greater evil.

Article 422 mentions the right to life of animals and of the “5 freedoms” that implies having all the conditions for a dignified life, including health, health, and comfort.

«Be free from thirst, hunger and malnutrition, be free from physical, thermal or hygiene discomfort, be free from pain, injury or illness, be free to express your natural behavior, which requires sufficient space and adequate facilities where you can move calmly, never be deprived of light, air or shelter and finally is free of fear, anguish, and abuse, ”you can read in the article.

All acts in which animals are encouraged to be violent are strictly prohibited, so dog fights would fall under this law with imprisonment.

The sale and display of animals is also prohibited, with the exception of the places where their care and attention is guaranteed by a qualified veterinarian, and they are kept in optimal health conditions

However, not everything is rosy. Although the advances of this law are truly valuable, the decision of the Chamber of Deputies in May contrasts with all the above. Bullfights, cockfights, charrería, jaripeos, and horse races were approved.

We welcome the approval of this new law, although it is undeniable that there is still a long way to go in favor of complete and absolute laws that guarantee the total welfare of the animals. Enough of so much abuse!

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