They ask citizens for help to find the heartless who threw 11 live puppies in the trash


In the early hours of Tuesday, the staff of the night shift of waste collection of the UTE of Alicante (Spain), took the surprise of their lives.

It is common for these men in their garbage collection tasks to find waste that goes beyond normal parameters, but what they found left them with a broken heart.


It was a total of 11 indenfensos and adorable puppies in two underground containers, located in the Plaza de América and on Devesa Street.

The rapid intervention of the municipal services of the Department of Animal Protection, and the Department of Health, directed by Julia Llopis, was key for the animals were rescued on time and alive. But as expected, all had poor physical condition, thinness and extreme dirt.
The members of Animal Protection and the Local Police moved to the scene to verify the status of the dogs and, seeing that they were still alive, they were referred to the  Municipal Protective Office of Alicante, where they have been evaluated by the veterinarian of the center and they are undergoing sanitary treatments.

The scene was depressing, in the middle of garbage bags without more: 11 babies begging to be helped.

After the disturbing finding, the Local Police have asked for citizen collaboration to identify and locate the person or persons responsible for such atrocity, which deserves to be punished. In addition, remember that these types of acts are classified as crimes in the Criminal Code.

That is why they ask that anyone who can provide any data or evidence, go directly to the Local Police, calling 112 or the Animal Protection Department of the Department of Health of the City of Alicante.

Julia Llopis has informed that puppies may be adopted and has appealed to all citizens of the importance of reporting when there is suspicion or evidence that animals are being mistreated so that an investigation is initiated as quickly as possible.

The 11 puppies recover beautifully and can soon be placed in foster homes

“Complaints are the first step to detect situations of animal abuse in time, which eventually lead to situations such as the one that occurred and that constitutes a crime in themselves,” adds the Councilor for Health.

The local police are following several lines of investigation to do everything in their power to find the heartless. However, they admit that the inquiries will be “complicated”, since the person acted “with nocturnality and joy” at the time of committing this act that has no forgiveness.

Do not leave without sharing this note to help the police find the culprits, raise your voice and remember ALWAYS to denounce to stop these deplorable acts against the most innocent.

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