The man who adopted this cat sent him in a box by mail to get rid of him


Sometimes, the actions of certain people lead us to question ourselves about the place where the “intelligence” of the human being was to stop. We are supposed to be rational beings but certain news leaves us doubtful whether it is evil or lack of sense. On this occasion, the life of a kitten was exposed after its owner sent it in a box of the postal service to the shelter where he had adopted it.


As you have read it! As if it were a package, a man from Taiwan named Yang decided to return his unwanted cat in a cardboard box to the animal shelter from which he had adopted it. Those responsible for the place, located in the district of Banciao, were surprised to open their correspondence and see inside the Scottish kitten almost drowned and fearful.

The animal was sent in a box without any ventilation and resisted for a couple of days in the tiny space with no food or water. Apparently, the man would have made the decision after several failed attempts to give the cat away. The animal suffers mobility problems that did not improve despite the therapies and this led the man to retract his desire to have it. At least these would be the excuses given by Mr. Yang. None of that could justify the inhuman act he committed against the creature, for that reason he is now facing the laws.

The subject received a 2,000 penalty for violating the Animal Protection Law of the Asian country. In addition, you must pay an additional fine of  980 for failing to comply with the Statute for the Prevention and Control of Infectious Animal Diseases, as the center staff discovered that the cat had not been vaccinated against rabies. It seems that his “brilliant idea” for getting rid of responsibility with the creature had a great impact on his economy

Fortunately, the creature is completely healthy and could miraculously survive the atrocity committed by who adopted it and is supposed to take care of it for the rest of his life. The director of the animal authority, Chen Yuan-Chuan, condemned the incident and reminded the community that there are ways to retract an adoption if it were the case but “should never be done in this inhuman way.” There seems to be a lot of work to be done so that people respect the rights of animals. Share this note and invite your friends to report any kind of cruelty.

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