Dog waited outside the home for weeks after his family left


Aban-doned dog waited outside his empty house for weeks, after his family left, hoping they would return. It is difficult to understand how a human being is capable of aban-doning a member of his family as if it were an object, which we discard because we no longer use it. Unfortunately, this was what happened to Cupid, a cute dog that was aban-doned by his family in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The dog’s family moved from home, but apparently Cupid was not included in his plans and was left aban-doned outside his former home.

Cupid did not know what was happening, all he understood was that this was his home and if he expected enough his family would return home.


Dog waits outside his home for his family to return

The dog toured the area for weeks but always returned to his safe place, his house, exactly at the main entrance or porch. He was disoriented, had no water or food, could not enter the house, did not know where his family was and much less understood why he was alone.

Fortunately, Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, received a call from the locals, informing about the situation of Cupid. All they told me was that their owners moved and left it behind. I asked many other people if they knew anything about the dog and they simply said: They moved and aban-doned it. Without thinking twice, Janine went to Cupid’s rescue, saw him eating from a dumpster, and when she approached, he ran back to his safe place.

Cupid ran desperately and scratched the door of his house several times to enter, but his family was no longer there. Janine’s heart broke, seeing the scene of how cupid was trying to ask for help from the family that had aban-doned him. She tried different ways to approach Cupid, but she always ran nervously and walked away.

After several minutes of chasing down several alleys, Janine discovered how to gain her trust, all she had to do was tell her: ‘everything will be fine’.

Janine said: It sounds silly, but I swear he knew what I was saying. He literally approached and sat down and allowed me to tie him.

She continued explaining everything that was happening to Cupid during the trip to the shelter and seemed to understand everything.

From the moment he arrived at the shelter, Cupid has won everyone’s heart and is slowly getting used to his new environment.

Janine said: He has only been the sweetest gentleman since he came to the rescue center. You can tell he is still really confused. But it shows that he is happy to meet everyone moving his tail ».

Janine, outraged by what had happened, decided to write a letter addressed to the family that had aban-doned Cupid and posted it on Facebook.

Since the shelter first published Cupid’s story, he has received more than 50 requests for adoption, but the dog is not yet ready. First, you must finish your veterinary checks and you must know what needs you have, and then get you a definitive home. The shelter staff says that although Cupid is not ready to be adopted, there are many animals that are and motivate people to stay with one of them.

Janine said on Facebook: We know he is super cute and has a sad story, but also many others.

everyone is very optimistic and they know that Cupid’s luck will soon change, it will not be difficult to find a home to the sweetest boy in the shelter. Cupid has proven to be a very loyal dog, we know that very soon he will find the perfect family, that he will never aban-don him and give him all the love he deserves.

Credit Facebook: SperanzaAnimalRescue

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