Save the Christmas decoration of your home thanks to the tangerines that your cat hates so much


Having a kitten in our house is wonderful, but they don’t always behave as we would like, they are independent creatures and they love experimenting with the objects around them. At Christmas, the typically decorated trees are in danger with our restless purrs, so a woman invented a strategy to prevent her spoiling Christmas. Irene Oloccoes the owner of Victor, a naughty and playful kitten that is the soul of the home.


Victor is tireless, spends all day chasing things and snooping around to see what new mischief he can think of. This pussy is not shy! Run everywhere and bump into things where it passes. It is a delight to look so happy. At home, they are always alert because he is increasingly creative with his catty mischief. But, Irene realized from his arrival, that there was something that kept him at bay, he incredibly had a great aversion to tangerines. Victor detests tangerines and any other kind of citrus

And not only with mandarins, any type of citrus causes that strange reaction. He simply could not be near them, he did not tolerate them. Finally, something that could control the wild cat! “We were together on the couch, I grabbed a tangerine and, when I started peeling it, hissed and ran away,” said the surprised Irene.

Irene has no idea why that bothers her so much, but she knew how to use that “ ace ” under her sleeve to protect some important things, especially at this time of year. Like most people in December, Irene strives to decorate the house. But he was very concerned about the Christmas tree, which was really beautiful, by the way.

The pine was loaded with beautiful ornaments and lights that illuminated the home. But, every morning they appeared watered by the ground. The woman looked around and found Victor with his innocent face, after wreaking havoc on the tree. That was when he came up with a great idea .“I started putting oranges or tangerines on the furniture where I didn’t want it to go up and it worked,” said the worried woman.

It was not to instill fear but to adapt his behavior, and knowing him as she knew him, it is better to prevent the tree from ending up as one of the dilapidated toys of the pussycat. So the cat looks at the tree at a distance and doesn’t even get close. I rene now spends more on citrus fruit than usual, but it is the price to keep Christmas safe. Victor, stay alert, begging for the mandarin season to pass quickly, but Irene is ready, at the greengrocer she has become a fixed customer. Irene and her beloved and naughty Victor

Meanwhile, she pampers him in many ways and continues to give him toys so that he unloads his restless vitality with them. What we do for our beautiful kittens! I don’t even want to imagine if the only thing to hate was caviar. Share this story with all your friends and loved ones, in this time of good wishes and love let’s give our cat the opportunity to make small pranks while teaching them how to behave.



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