They record a police dog stealing toys that they would donate to children at Christmas


A police officer is supposed to always be on the right side of the law, but this does not always happen and agencies that should be incorruptible seem not to be the best example of a good citizen. And the matter does not happen only with humans, but K-9 officers also seem easy to buy. Officer Ben Franklin may not be the best example of righteousness but his infraction has aroused tenderness and many laughs in the networks.


This Golden Retriever joined the Franklin Police Department as a service puppy in the month of February and has since been there to support the community without committing any fault. But it seems that some opportunities are too tempting, even for the best professional. A room full of toys could be the perfect temptation for a playful officer like Ben.

Due to the festive dates, the Department had gathered some toys that would be donated to the Holy Foundation that helps disadvantaged children. This activity is carried out every year as a tradition but the destiny of donations this Christmas has been a surprise for everyone.

Ben Franklin did not resist seeing so much fun together and decided to take some for his own entertainment without anyone discovering it. “So that room was full, full of toys and gifts, and we usually kept it locked, but someone had come in and noticed that Ben had dated a stuffed animal. He had taken some, so we let him keep them, ”said Officer Mucciarone, Ben’s handler.

But the furry seems not to have settled for a portion of the donations and wanted to increase his mutiny, without asking for any kind of permission. At that moment Ben left justice to become a little rascal.

The next morning a careless officer left the door open and the mischievous little dog sneaked in to steal other toys. On that occasion, he was attracted to a doll that retained even its packaging. Ben decided to take it and leave in silence but was caught with his hands in the dough and an officer captured the theft, which seemed to matter little to the puppy that proudly continued with the doll in his snout until he took her to his dark secret hiding place. At the bottom of a desk, there were more donated toys that Ben took for him without any authorization.

The matter greatly entertained fellow police officers and the Department decided to share a Facebook post commenting on what happened. «When you have a room full of toys ready to be sent to the Santa Foundation, you must: 1. Close the classroom door or 2. Keep the toys elevated. Otherwise, a golden retriever will treasure them slowly throughout the day and take them back to their lair, ”they wrote.

Despite his bad behavior, many users said that Santa will bring many gifts to Ben for being so sweet. We only hope that in the Department they have learned the lesson and decide to take some of the measures mentioned, while this happens Ben continues to amuse everyone with his happening video that has gone viral on the networks. Share this note and infect your friends with the joy of these dates with the pranks of this puppy.

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