Refuge discovers that an adult kitten is actually 21 years old


Shelter animals have more than a story to share, but a special kitten surprised everyone after discovering a special fact instead of a micro-chop. Tigger, as they call it, has been living for more than two decades. The average age of a cat is between 2 and 16 years, but this little friend has exceeded that average and his temperament predicts other years.


Tigger lives in the shelter of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in New Hampshire (NHSPCA), in New England. The cat arrived at the place after some volunteers found out about her case, the princess had become homeless after the death of her former owner. When he saw her it was obvious that the kitten was a few years old but they didn’t know her age with precision.

In principle the adaptation was somewhat complex, Tigger did not feel completely comfortable in the place and missed his old house, as well as his former owner. The shelter volunteers fully understood the situation and tried to do everything possible to make her comfortable; however, there were still things to discover. Tigger arrived at the shelter with some health problems.

The cat was thin and broken but there seemed to be something far beyond that. She was thin and drinking a lot of water when she entered, and we discovered that she was hyperthyroid, so she is now being treated. She was stiff in her hind legs and is now taking a Cosequin [joint] supplement and has been improving and seems more comfortable. He also had a urinary tract infection that was treated and resolved, said Kelly Marinel, animal care manager at the NHSPCA.

The caregivers discovered that the cat had a microchip, so they contacted the company to determine its age exactly. None had suspected that Tigger had more than two decades of life and there they could understand many of their attitudes. The cat is exactly 21 years old, according to the information thrown by the microchip.

Tigger’s health has improved and thus also his mood. This is a pretty pampered kitten who loves to brush her hair, be groomed and receive the attention of shelter volunteers. However, everyone hopes to find a home soon. Due to her age, she is more susceptible to any disease, so it is not recommended that she stay in the shelter be very long.

Exposure to so many animals and with them bacteria and infections could be harmful to her. The cat needs a family that can provide adequate care for her medical needs, but other than that, a family willing to receive a sweet older kitten in her home and love her for the rest of her days. Anyone interested can contact the shelter and take home this little ball of love. Please share your story and let’s make your viral case so that your new family arrives soon.


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