Firefighters discover a poodle puppy lagging in a fire, treated him as another victim


The Kern County Fire Department serves the city of Bakersfield, California. Firefighters were called to the fire of a house located on Pacific Street and they went to the scene immediately. The property included two structures: the main house on the street and a smaller house at the rear. When firefighters arrived on the scene, both structures were completely engulfed in flames. Kern County Firefighters in one of their practices


The back house was more damaged than the front house. Unfortunately, firefighters found evidence that “several” pets had lost their lives in the fire. It is unknown how many victims died at the mercy of the fire. The owners were not injured and no human being lost his life, but not his sweet pets. The firefighters did not lose hope and continued to work hard until they completely extinguished the flames.

After the fire was controlled, firefighters made their way through both houses to search for survivors and make sure there was no flame left to rekindle the fire. During their thorough review, firefighters were pleasantly surprised. They found a live dog and two turtles hidden in a closet in the back house. The pets were moved quickly and received immediate medical attention. This little survivor was found inside a closet, among the rubble

The fireman who took the puppy out of the house, discovered that the pet suffered from smoke inhalation. He placed a special oxygen mask, made only for dogs, on the face of the poodle to help the animal recover constant breath. The fact that the Kern County Fire Department has special tools for dogs makes the difference between life and death. The family is completely grateful to know that at least one of their animals survived the tragedy. The use of the K9 mask was the difference between living or drowning

The puppy, which looks black in the photos, is really white. The little survivor is completely covered in ashes, which makes the dog look black. Not only was this little boy’s family glad to see him alive, he also gave him a well-deserved bath to help him forget the bad experience. Oxygen masks for dogs, also known as K9 masks, are essential within the rescue team of these security forces.

The Baltimore City Fire Department was also able to resuscitate a pet with a utensil like this during a fire that occurred earlier this year. It took them 15 minutes to revive the puppy in trouble, but it was possible and all thanks to the K9 mask, had he not had it, the results would have been unfortunate and irreversible. Some fire departments already have this tool to help dogs in fire situations

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