Sick woman arrives at a shelter on time to save a tabby kitten from a cruel fate


If you knew you had little time left to live, what would you do? This is the case of Autumn Ganza, an animal-loving woman who, after discovering that she has a chronic disease, decided to devote all her time to saving street animals. Ganza, due to his condition, cannot work, so he spends his time catching, neutering and relocating kittens to different support centers with the intention of reducing the growing population of street kittens in downtown Chicago. Ganza publishes much of his work through Castle Black paw.


Ganza says that she happily invests all her time and money in the adorable mininos. In the last four years Ganza has helped hundreds of animals, recently, he visited one of the shelters and met Pumpkin, an adorable orange kitten who would be sacrificed just for having his hind leg in very bad condition. A wound that is poorly healed or not treated in time can cause amputation.

Seeing the kitten decided to help him, Pumpkim had his hind leg so affected that he could barely stand up. The kitten knew that his angel had arrived and curled up in the woman’s arms, Ganza felt that the kitten was screaming for him to get him out of there. So he decided to adopt it. Despite all the goodwill that the woman had to help the helpless kitten, she encountered a big problem. He did not have the necessary resources to perform the operation on the beautiful furry. Ganza could not believe that hundreds of people supported his noble cause.


It was then that he came up with a great idea, he created a page on GoFundMe to raise funds that would finance the operation of his little Pumpkin. Fortunately, many people collaborated and managed to raise $ 1,700 that made the intervention possible. However, the pussycat’s leg was so infected that the veterinarian decided to amputate it. Pumpkim was lucky to meet an animal-loving angel.

Ganza says that despite not being easy for the kitten, he is recovering satisfactorily and is slowly learning to move with three legs. Ganza’s love for his new pet is so great that he wanted to celebrate his bravery and the new life of the kitten by celebrating a small party at Pinwheel Records in Chicago. The kitten was amputated the left hind leg.

We are sure that for the little Pumpkim there will be no limits, he has proven himself a warrior and will soon recover completely. Now he has the unconditional love of Ganza and a home with all the comforts. Hopefully more people are motivated to follow their example, a woman who despite her difficult situation bets on giving the best to our beloved furry. Do not forget to share this story in your networks and remember that it is not the time we have of life but what we do with it.

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