can dogs eat avocado? Yes or No?


can dogs eat avocado, We know you want to know if dogs can eat avocado. The feeding of dogs has become an increasingly interesting topic. The owners want to take care of their health, and for this, you have to start with taking care of what they are fed. This is where the question arises, can I give my dog ​​avocado?

Dogs Can Eat Avocado?

Avocado is delicious food, which until recently was thought to be the cause of weight gain. But this has been denied when it has been found that the fats that this fruit contains are good. That is, they are natural fats that the body needs and the avocado provides them. But these benefits, can they be the same for us as for dogs?


In this article, we are going to answer that question and of course, it will not lead to knowing if the avocado is good for dogs or not.

can dogs eat avocado

The myth of the avocado and the dogs

Around the avocado and the dogs, a whole myth has been built. There are many who still believe that this fruit is toxic for them. In fact, it has been claimed that the consumption of avocado can even cause the death of dogs. Is this true?

Regarding this issue, the Animal Poison Control Center gives us an answer. They tell us that animals such as dogs and cats can develop a mild allergic reaction when consuming avocado.

However, this only happens when the seed or skin of the fruit is consumed. In these parts is where a toxin called persin is found. That is why when a dog eats one of these parts of the avocado it can be affected in the following way:

  • Decay
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite

It should be noted that this toxin is not poisonous to dogs, as stated by the Center itself. This means that the conditions may or may not present in your pet. In case, if it is affected, remember that it is a mild poisoning and that in a short time it will leave the body.

In any case, what is recommended is to give only the pulp of the fruit to your dog. The danger is in letting him eat the avocado pit, this could cause an obstruction in the throat, something really dangerous.

So, you already know that the avocado pit or pit, as well as its peel, must be kept out of the dog’s mouth. Instead, the pulp is very beneficial and we will see why we say it.

can dogs eat avocado

The benefits of avocado for dogs

Once we have identified the parts of the avocado that are not good, we will go on to see the benefits of the pulp, that delicious and healthy part for your dog. So that you understand it better, let’s first review the nutritional content of a 100g serving of avocado.

  • 2% protein
  • 7% fiber
  • 160 calories
  • 13% vitamin B6
  • 10% vitamin E
  • 14% potassium
  • 14% vitamin B5
  • 25% vitamin K
  • 17% vitamin C
  • 15% healthy fats
  • 20% folic acid

This is a very good nutritional value and is found in few foods. All this transforms into great benefits for your best friend, and obviously also for you.

can dogs eat avocado

Healthy fats

As you may have noticed, avocado contains a good amount of calories, but most are made up of healthy fats. This means that this type of fat does not increase cholesterol. On the contrary, they strike a perfect balance and help prevent cardiovascular disease.

In addition, unsaturated fats provide a good amount of energy, help the body absorb vitamins, and are a vital part of nervous tissue. Avocado contains the two groups of good fats that provide omega 3 and omega 6. This guarantees that your dog will have soft, shiny, and healthy hair.


The amount of vitamins present in avocado makes it a food rich in antioxidants. These are necessary to combat the oxidation of cells prematurely, thus helping your dog not suffer typical diseases of old age or degenerative.

The same amount of vitamins help to keep the dog’s immune system very strong. Which translates into better health, becoming resistant to viruses that can affect your body.

Good food for the heart

In avocado, we find a large amount of folic acid, which is responsible for promoting the production of red blood cells. So it is highly recommended to give avocado to your dog, in case he is suffering from anemia.

It is also recommended to prevent heart disease since folic acid is the cause of reducing homocysteine. Which is responsible for the blockage of blood vessels. Avocado is therefore a great ally in the fight against this type of disease.

Your dog’s skin will thank you

Another benefit of giving your dog avocado is maintaining healthy skin. This fruit contains vitamin E, which helps to have smoother and very healthy skin. In the same way, it is known that vitamin E stimulates the creation of collagen and red blood cells.

Es por eso que al dar aguacate a tu perro estás ayudando a mejorar el sistema de cicatrización de heridas de su organismo. Convirtiendo al aguacate en una gran fuente de beneficios para tu mascota, y que vas a querer mantener en su dieta.

can dogs eat avocado
can dogs eat avocado?

How to give avocado to my dog?

The amounts of a dog’s food must be respected, this is where you should know that a large part of the diet should be based on meats. So foods like fruits and vegetables should never go over 20% of your meal.

In that sense, the best way to take advantage of the benefits of avocado is to give it small pieces at each meal. You must remember to remove the bone and shell, as these are somewhat toxic to your pet.

The appropriate servings of fruits or vegetables will depend on the weight of your dog. It is recommended that a large dog weighing around 30 kilos should eat 500 grams of meat during the day. Thus leaving a maximum of 90 grams of fruits or vegetables for you to eat.

Try not to give your dog avocado on a daily basis, so you avoid getting bored and not wanting to eat more. The serving of fruits and vegetables is easy to vary. There are many foods that you can include in your pet’s diet that add great value to their health.

Conclusion: can dogs eat avocado?

Without any doubt, the answer is YES. There is no reason to deprive your dog of this valuable food. Of course, you must take the necessary precautions so that you do not eat the peel and bone of the fruit.

Knowing how to make a balanced menu for your four-legged friend will make a difference. For more information we recommend you go to a veterinarian, he will help you devise an ideal food plan for your pet. Remember that the portions and foods vary according to the weight or condition of the animal.

As additional information, you can mix the avocado with other healthy fruits such as banana, pear, apple, or some delicious strawberries. Each of them contains a rich nutritional value that will do a lot of good for your dog.

A good diet translates into a better and longer life. That is what all dog owners yearn for and it is in our hands to achieve it.

Like your question about whether dogs can eat avocado, you may wonder if they can eat other types of food, we invite you to read our articles where you can find out if they can eat tortilla or chayote.

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