Nothing managed to calm the nerves of the bride until her dog appeared just before the wedding


Special moments deserve to be celebrated with our loved ones, and for many of us that include the furry of the house: our pets. When Kristen Dupree and her partner started planning their wedding, they knew that the beautiful black labrador had to participate at all times. Zeke attended the engagement party and the bachelorette party, but his most special work was done on the wedding day. “I love that couples include their pets in the photos. Being with them awakens the most authentic emotions and it is much easier to capture moments of happiness. ”


Kristen was very nervous and needed to calm down so that everything went well during the photoshoot. For that, nothing better than a few minutes of games and pampering with the adorable Zeke. The maid of honor went to look for the puppy and the result was wonderful. They asked the photographer, Perri Farlow, to capture this beautiful moment and it ended up being one of the best photographs of the wedding. “Zeke had a peace effect on Kristen and Duncan. It is obvious that they love each other and are a beautiful family. ”

Normally, it is a tradition to take photographs that focus on the boyfriend’s reaction when he sees his future wife for the first time in the elegant white dress. However, this role was stolen by the sympathetic Zeke.

In Kristen’s gaze as well as in that of her beloved puppy, one can only see love. The farmer was extremely happy to be part of this day and just wanted to run to his owner to kiss her and help her feel better. “They asked me to take the first photos with the wedding dress with Zeke. I accepted very excitedly. It was a very tender idea. ”

Luckily, the dog is also very obedient and knew how to give the best poses to make the wedding photos truly perfect. As expected, his puppy was all he needed. After the fun photoshoot, Kristen already felt wonderful and ready to continue with the ceremony.

But that was not all. The cute puppy had a great time throughout the party. During the reception, they even created a special cocktail with their name that turned out to be the favorite of many of the guests. After all, Zeke is a very important member of the family and deserved to be part of this special day. What do you think of the cute photographs? Share this note to celebrate the enormous joy that our pets give us every day.

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