He does everything to save a puppy about to be dragged by the deadly current


In real life, heroes do not wear cloak or mask. Nor do they have any superpower, beyond possessing a huge heart. They fight indifference, apathy, and insensitivity. They fight every day against rejection and unworthy treatment to which animals are subjected many timesThese anonymous heroes do not rest in their mission of giving love to these adorable beings that others discard, and this story is a kind of tribute to all those who risk saving the lives of others, in this case, that of a dog rescued in the Imuris municipality, in Sonora, Mexico.


Thanks to the power of social networks we were able to know and also recognize the commendable work of Jesús Mario López Gálvez, director of Civil Protection, who without thinking twice, risked his life to rescue a dog that was dragged along the riverbed of the Babasac River, after a torrential downpour that closed all the accesses of the zone in the mentioned municipality. During the last three days of November, there were strong storms, described as historic in much of the area of ​​the Mexican state of Sonora, which generated flooding and damage to the road, which kept several populations incommunicado and affected several animals. The puppy and the human fought together against the river current

In a video published on social networks, you can see how Lopez saves the puppy by pulling it with a rope, thereby bringing it to the surface. The images earned a cataract of congratulations and positive comments to the intrepid official, since thanks to him, the puppy is healthy and in a safe place.

“It is very sad, because many of the dogs arrive at our institution seriously damaged, malnourished and dehydrated, but at the same time, it is something gratifying that I do with love because I feel that I am contributing my part. I don’t have dogs, but I feel a lot of love for these animals, which deserve more consideration from us, ”said Jesús Mario López.

For its part, the National Civil Protection Coordination informed that it will deliver food by air to the municipalities affected by the rain since the damages have left disasters and numerous human and non-human victims who were not as lucky as the puppy of this story. For the protectors, every day they belong to the street animal. Its reason for being is to help those who need them. In the entity, these anonymous heroes multiply every day and, if you didn’t know it, they already have their date to celebrate it: September 27 is International Animal Protectionist Day.

How important it is that these good-hearted heroes exist on our blue planet, capable of solidarity, feeling the suffering of animals and embracing their lives as if it were their own. Don’t you think we could start being one of them?

If you are an animal lover and you are in favor of protecting them against any kind of unfair treatment they may be subjected to, share this sensational story of heroism and courage, for the welfare of these noble beings who give us their selfless love. Every day of our life.


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