Can dogs Eat Bananas? Are Bananas Good For Dogs?


Can dogs Eat Bananas? There is no doubt that one of the most popular fruits in the world is the banana, which in addition to having a special sweetness and an exquisite flavor, is a food that provides many benefits for human beings.

Can Dogs Eat Bananas?

can dogs eat bananas


This fruit can be found around the plane, and it is called in different ways, such as it can be banana or camber, and as it is beneficial and a share of energy for our days, it can also be for other beings very close to us as are the dogs. As we know, not all the food that we can consume as a species are also suitable for our pets, but is it true that dogs can eat a banana and that it also provides great benefits for them?

Potassium a great source of energy added to some vitamins and prebiotics that the banana fruit possesses is as good for humans as for dogs. and that is why in this article we will teach you the importance of your dog eating bananas.

for different functions of your body, providing energy for your daily life and feeding it in a good way. A very noble fruit that your dog will appreciate if you provide it.

Before talking particularly about bananas, we would like to tell you that in the world of fruits and vegetables you can find an infinity of cases that, while very favorable for human beings, are also favorable for our dogs and other animals.

In any case, it is clear that you cannot turn your dog into a vegetarian, but some fruits and vegetables can be used to complement and provide certain benefits to your pet, but for their daily diet, you must continue with the contribution of fats and proteins that this you need to be well and feel satisfied.

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How to Feed Your Dog Banana

But particularly for dogs, moderate consumption of fruit will provide vitamins and minerals, which will help to cover certain deficits that they usually have in their body.

It is not a question that now that you read this you begin to give any type of fruit to your dogs as nothing but in principle, you should see what type of fruit within which they are recommended are the ones that your dog likes the most and You should also keep in mind that perhaps your dog has allergies or intolerance that will make even the fruits that it has allowed, fulfill a completely opposite role to the one that we want to generate, which is the well-being of our pet.

Are Bananas Good For Dogs?

You must remember that fruit will never be a substitute for its food, that is to say, that far from being its food source, this will be a compliment that you can offer your dog as a sweet and natural reward, but all the nutrients it needs to be well it is in its usual food.

Some of these may be consumed by the dog in shell and others may not, but a fruit without skin and cut into pieces can be the final bite of a good meal.

Of all the fruits that you can serve your dog as a supplement, one of the most widely used and favorable for your dog’s body is the banana, but just as it has great benefits, it has some contraindications, which generally have to do with the dose to be provided. Next, we will show you a list of all the benefits that banana can have for your dog.

The benefits of banana for dogs

can dogs eat bananas

As a human being, you enjoy bananas as a fruit that, in addition to being tasty, provides many benefits for your body and this also happens with dogs, to which it provides great contributions, which we will mention here:

#1 Potassium

The first component that is associated with bananas is potassium, as good for us as for our pet since it will help strengthen its bone structure since potassium allows better absorption of calcium. It will also bring benefits for the toning of your muscles and strengthens your blood vessels.

#2 Vitamin B6

This vitamin will help your dog in several ways. In principle, it is very good for the prevention of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and also has an anti-inflammatory function. Your red blood cells will also see their function regulated by this vitamin.

#3 Vitamin C

We all know about the contributions of this vitamin for human beings and the way it has to strengthen our immune system, as this also applies to dogs. Vitamin C in dogs also helps keep their blood pressure stable.

#4 Natural probiotics

The regulation of the intestinal flora is the most important characteristic of the contribution of natural probiotics to the body of living beings and in dogs, this also means a benefit for their digestive system. That is why the banana can be very favorable in the case of dogs suffering from diarrhea.

Banana contraindications

can dogs eat bananas
can dogs eat bananas

Above we told you that giving a dog a banana does not necessarily mean that the basis of its diet is subject to this or any other type of fruit since a diet rich in fat and protein is what will keep your dog in good health. terms. Abuse of banana consumption in dogs can bring the following complications:

#1 Can cause constipation

A high amount of banana can cause a deterioration in your regulated digestive system in your pet, so constipation will be one of the digestive complications that can arise.

#2 Diarrhea

It can also happen the completely opposite case to the one we mentioned in the previous point and this has to do more than anything with that, even if your pet feels that this fruit is very tasty, it is not the one that best suits your organism and this will result in are diarrhea box.

#3 Allergies

To know what type of food, either in its base or in its complement, such as bananas, you must carry out the corresponding veterinary studies, since your dog may become allergic to bananas. The recommended thing is that the first time you offer them this fruit, be aware of the reactions that may arise or the changes that their consumption generates in your body.

#4 Hyperactivity

Doctors recommend the consumption of bananas in humans to provide more energy, for example, for those who play sports. It is that the banana contains sugars that provide that energy and in your dog, it will be absolutely the same, so,

if it is already prone to being in constant activity, running, and jumping, it may be that this becomes more acute, resulting in constant hyperactivity of your dog.

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