Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? Is It Healthy?


Can Dogs Eat Potatoes? In this content we are going to talk about a well-known food, dogs can eat potatoes, a topic that has been discussed a lot and raises many doubts for certain tutors. The potato is a well-known food, it is practically on the table of all Latin Americans, many dishes can be made with potatoes and they are delicious, fries, mashed potatoes, and others.

For the academy generation, the potato represents carbohydrates in the diet, the potato is a starchy vegetable, the white potato, and the potato can be an extremely caloric source of energy. But what about the dogs? Can dogs eat potatoes? Does the potato have the same effect on the body of dogs? We will talk a lot about all these aspects in this content, trying to clarify as many doubts as possible.


It is very important to have the exact idea of ​​what certain foods can do with the quadruped organism of our pets, at the end of the day, you must know exactly what you are giving so that nothing harms the health of your dog.

Can dogs eat potatoes?

Stay with us until the end we are sure that we will be able to clarify any doubts on this topic, we do a lot of research thinking especially about the well-being of your dog.

Your pet’s health should always come first so that it has a long and healthy life, always.

After all, can dogs eat potatoes?

The answer is yes, dogs can eat potatoes, but of course always with supervision and in moderation, we always like to make it clear that everything that is given with exaggeration will not turn out well.

The common potato is always the most indicated in case of consumption but the English potato can also be eaten by dogs, there is a substance found in the potato that can be harmful to dogs, we will talk about this within this content.

Raw potatoes should not be eaten in any way, the potato belongs to the Moorish family and therefore plants called Solanaceae, the same family of tomatoes, which contain an extremely toxic substance for dogs, solanine.

This substance is present in potatoes, mainly in the stem, leaves, and green parts, so dogs should not consume raw potatoes, when they are raw the substance is found in greater quantity offering risks of poisoning.

So dogs can eat potato, indeed, but these problems must always be taken into account, raw potatoes never, stem, leaves are also not welcome in pet food.

Another very important tip is that you talk to the veterinarian before adopting any type of food in your dog’s diet, he will always give you the most correct answers about any food, since he has the complete notion of how your dog’s health is. , thus knowing what else will benefit or harm.

can dogs eat potatoes

Benefits of potatoes in pet food:

Now that you know what your dog can eat potato, let’s talk a little about some of the benefits found in potatoes when adapted to pet food.

Potato is tuber-like jicama, and is a good source of energy in the life of dogs, and is generally an easily digestible food for dogs, thus providing more energy in their day, which is very important in feeding pets.

Even within the potato we will find some sources of the vitamin, let’s see what and what benefits they bring to your health:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Iron
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium

dogs can eat potatoes

In vitamin C the action occurs in the immune system of dogs, being also an excellent antioxidant, fighting cell degeneration and thus helping in premature aging.

Not to mention, vitamin C still helps improve the appearance of the skin, produces collagen, and supports proper joint function in dogs, which is very important for healthy health.

Among these vitamins, we also have a nutrient that is essential for the dog’s body, iron that is responsible for the formation of hemoglobin, also helping to transport oxygen throughout the body, including oxygen to the heart of dogs.

In vitamin B6 we find several benefits because it has several functions in the dog’s body, among them we can find the production of proteins, hormones, and neurotransmitters.

So in vitamin B6 we can highlight how essential it is in the physical and mental health of your dog and let’s remember that this vitamin is found in potatoes, so in addition to now you know which dog can eat potatoes, you already know some benefits.

And potassium? Potassium is a very important nutrient in your dog’s heart health, in the absence of potassium it can cause severe heart failure and even heart attacks, so this nutrient cannot be lacking.

Now it’s time to list the benefit of magnesium on the health of dogs: Magnesium is an alkaline earth metal, which is one of the most necessary nutrients that the body should have, it cannot be absent.

It is one of the constituent elements of the skeleton, provides a rigid consistency to the skeleton, and is also considered essential for the proper functioning of nerve endings, along with muscle contractions.

You have just seen how many benefits we can extract from potato in dog food, take advantage now that you know what your dog can eat potato, talk to your veterinarian and find out the best way to adapt this benefit in his diet.

can dogs eat potatoes

What should I take care of when giving potatoes to my dog?

We talk about the benefits and vitamins that we find in potatoes, but now we are going to warn you about some very important precautions that we must take before adapting this food to the lives of our pets.

As we said before, the potato is a food rich in carbohydrates, so in cases of obese dogs, the care in feeding them with potatoes must be very special, talk to the vet, but in principle, obese dogs should not consume potatoes.

Another canine part that should stay away from potatoes in their diet are dogs with diabetes problems, due to carbohydrates, the blood glucose of these dogs can be changed.

From the moment you decide with your veterinarian that you are going to put potatoes in your dog’s diet, keep in mind that potatoes should always be well cooked.

As we already said, the potato contains a substance that is highly toxic to dogs when raw, the probability of having this substance is enormous, so never give raw potatoes, preferably they should always be cooked.

Potatoes should always be ripe, potatoes with greenish skin are not suitable for consumption, since solanine will probably be present and this will not help dogs.

Even if they are cooked, the green potatoes will contain the solanine.

If you have that garden, especially your backyard, watch your pet so that he does not consume the potato leaves, since they are toxic, keep the dogs away from the potato fields.

If your dog eats raw potatoes, take him to the vet immediately and tell him what happened so that the vet can take the necessary precautions and resolve the situation as soon as possible, leaving your dog away from any discomfort.

Dogs with symptoms of solanine poisoning usually present the following symptoms, abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, problems associated with the stomach and intestines.

More serious signs can also be seen when intoxicated with solanine, excessive salivation, dilated pupils, altered heartbeat, difficulty in motor coordination, shortness of breath.

As we always like to make all food very clear without a prior review and conversation with your veterinarian should not be offered, exaggeration in food can cause very poor health for your dog.

All food must be given in a safe way, always starting little by little seeing how it will behave, not in large quantities without first being sure that that food will cause some kind of harm.

can dogs eat potatoes

How to give potatoes to my dog?

We learned that a dog can eat potatoes, what are the benefits of potatoes in pet food, what care we should take before giving them potatoes, but now how can I give potatoes to my dog.

We don’t even have to say that French fries can’t be on the pet food list, right? The oil, salts, and spices often found in French fries do tremendous harm to your dog’s health.

As mentioned above, potatoes can only be offered cooked and very ripe, you can choose to make a very natural potato puree without adding salt or seasonings, the butter is as natural as possible, and thus offer to your pet.

Boiled potatoes can also be cut into small pieces and offered to dogs as a dietary supplement at specific times of the day that they are sure to love.

Talk to the vet to find out what amount is allowed to offer according to the size, weight, and health of your pet, he can always tell you which is the most correct.

There are also snacks made with potatoes that can be consumed by dogs, thus providing all the necessary benefits for the health of your dog.

Share this information with as many people as possible, helping the health of more pets. Our purpose is to take as much information as possible, trying to help as many animals as possible.

Important: Our content is produced by veterinary professionals and is informative. But there are some particular issues with your dog that you should ALWAYS contact your trusted vet. Therefore, it in no way replaces the guidance of a veterinarian.

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