The cats adopted the 3-legged pitbull puppy, which was to be eaten by its mother


People have a lot of complicated feelings about pit bulls. There is a dedicated group that believes that pit bulls are violent and a threat to society, and there are some who usually own the pit themselves, knowing that they are just older children. This story is about a little dog named Nicholas, whose mother went crazy and he pulled up. began to put the can in conflict. It may seem strange to you, and it is because it is, but one must remember that in the animal kingdom, animals sometimes adapt to their more basic instincts.

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Animalism is not as trivial as you might think, as wild microbes are known to sacrifice their newborns for lack of a newborn, habitat, or anything else. Like intelligent humans, it is cruel and cruel to us, but to animals, it is nature. This is the life.

But they are more capable than just cruelty, because animals, for one reason or another, have found a way to show compassion and empathy. When Nicholas lost his leg to his mother, he was adopted into a family with many cats. These cats, with the love of their foster mother, immersed the baby Nicholas in love and affection and they would surround him to keep him warm and safe in one day.

The idea is that dogs and cats hate each other and are always in each other’s arms. Just because some dogs fight some cats doesn’t mean it’s global. In hindsight, this is a somewhat foolish stance that we have taken as a human race that dogs hate cats and vice versa. They are animals, they don’t hate, it’s a human thing. All he can do is love and protect, because it’s natural,

Her human foster mother, El Ovido, took Nicholas to live with Clementine, a cat with five siblings, who saw that the poor dog saw the horrible situation and took matters into his own hands. Decided The Kitty people love and protect Nicholas as if he were one of them, because as far as they are concerned, he is. In a place where she loves him so openly and with so much love, it’s hard for Nicholas to be like his mother.

It’s getting a little bigger, and Instagram, which runs its growth and flowering, will document all the important steps, all the paths.

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