The photographer categorized the King of Animals in his 20 incredible photography


Los Angeles-based British photographer Simon Needham has opened up an amazing world of wildlife for a closer look. The highlight of his work is the frightened portraits of lions from different angles that show their beauty and powerful presence. But most importantly, it demonstrates the importance of these magnificent creatures as they become an endangered species with only 20,000 left in the wild.

The kings of war, once kings of the jungle, are quietly disappearing into the hands of men. Half of the African tigers are as endangered as they were 25 years ago and they have added them to the endangered species list, leaving them to wildlife conservation organizations to determine their fate.


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Needham recently captured beautiful stunning shots of six-year-old Moya, showing off her stunning and rare white mani at the Glen Greif Conservation Lion Shelter in South Africa.



Needham told us that it is difficult to be close to Moya and did not appreciate the real beauty of the lion until he saw the photo. The rightly boasting beast initially went viral on social media and was then picked up by the mainstream media because of its unique hair with extraordinary variations.

On his Instagram post, the photographer shared that he was delighted to be part of a well-focused drive towards a highly viable goal at the GG Conservation Glen Griff, where he has 77 lions in his care.

My whole mission with the White Lions show is to help and draw attention to endangered species and to help what I think is a worthy cause, so the focus was huge for GG, Needham said. Said attention to the pictures that caught his attention.







In addition to doing conservation work and raising awareness about the dangers by photographing animals, Needham sells his prints and distributes his profits to 50 sanctuaries for which he works.

My first project was at GG Conservation. The goal was to put up a picture of their beautiful lions and give them all the materials so they could use it to promote their charity. I do it all for free. “Because I’m a big supporter of saving wildlife.”

Needham said he plans to continue traveling the world and provide great quality visual content and powerful images for charities to see and experience other cultures at the same time.












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