They approve a law in Argentina that prohibits the mutilations of animals for aesthetics


In Argentina, it seems that, in spite of everything, a new window is opened in terms of raising awareness in society about the rights to life and welfare of animals above anything else. And, what at the beginning of the year was just a legal outline , today is a reality. The Argentine pets came out defense: they will never cut their tail again , they will extract their vocal cords to prevent them from barking or amputating their nails so they do not scratch.It is your right to have a dignified life without abuse


This new Law promulgated by the Argentine parliament, which threatens to punish pet mutilators, is an example that little by little governments around the world have begun to create measures to be more severe with cases of unfair and irresponsible treatment. towards animals, by human beings. By formulating a US law that stipulates abuse of any living being as a federal crime, the Argentine’s finally decided not to allow the animals to suffer further humiliation or mutilation of the parts of their lives. body: neither of ears, nor of tail, nor of anything. !! Congratulations!!

From now on, anyone who overcomes a pet must pay fines close to 50 thousand Argentine pesos, something like $ 835 US dollars. Also, it is strictly forbidden to dye the fur to cats and dogs for fashion, that is, no more, enough of abuse!
This new law in favor of animals, was promoted, mainly, by the parliamentarian Sergio Abrevaya.

Abrevaya, in a more technical language, explained that mastectomies (tail or tail cut), appendectomy (removal of vocal cords), mastectomy (cut of ears), tonsillectomy (amputation of claws) and all banal surgery, which have banal surgery, will not be allowed a purely aesthetic intention and not to ensure the health of the animal.
“Only what is medically prescribed by a registered veterinarian will be admitted as an exception,” said the legislator.

It is so simple to keep in mind (which, unfortunately, it is rarely done) that animals are living beings that feel and should not be considered as objects to show off, but that they are also capable of feeling joy, pain and suffering. This is a great achievement for the southern nation and for Latin America as a whole, as several countries, including Colombia, are following in the footsteps of their southern neighbors. This prohibition has been established in at least 18 countries, including Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Spain of which we publish, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway and Switzerland.

“This new law is a milestone in regards to the conservation of species and their normal development. It is only necessary that each and every one of the nations of the planet, join this initiative, ”Abrevaya added. Indignity and unfair treatment of another living being are, from all points of view inexcusable. Whether it is a domestic puppy or a dolphin, going through a platypus, no animal should continue to be a victim of the repression of their rights to live in a dignified, healthy and happy way.

Remember that, from the lack of compliance with the Law, to negligence or sadism, unhealthy treatment of beings that we often consider inferior to us, can occur in many ways. However, the truth is that animals contribute so much to our existence, that their life and well-being are worth as much or more than ours. Share my story today with your loved ones.


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